Review: Superdrug Dead Sea Purifying Clay Mask

Superdrug’s witch hazel purifying mask has an uplifting fragrance of cool eucalyptus and zesty lemon that will revive and refresh your skin. Packed with hazel and willow bark extract, this mask will deeply cleanse pores. Dead sea minerals within the mud will help draw out impurities – leaving skin looking cleaner and more radiant.
This was the first time I’d tried a Superdrug mask, having bought four online (you can read my spring splurge post, here) as it was four-for-three. It definitely didn’t disappoint, despite being only 99p. I do prefer clay masks and I’d buy this particular variety again.
The sachet contained 15ml, which was more than enough to apply an even, but thick layer – there was even some leftover; not enough for another indulgent treat, mind. I loved the smell and cooling effect from the eucalyptus could be felt as soon as I applied it to my skin. It was almost a tingling sensation and even as it dried, I could feel it cleansing my skin from all dirt.
Although it’s recommended for oily/problematic skin, it’s perfect for someone like me, who needs a pick-me-up. If your skin has lost its radiance or if you’re feeling stressed and as like it’s taking its toll on your skin, this is the perfect mask for you. Once removed (it comes off easily with warm water), my face looked a lot brighter and refreshed, it felt so soft and clean. I even had a couple of little spots (too much snacking at work again!) and it cooled those down too.
Proof that you haven’t got to spend loads of money on expensive brands and that the high street do it just as good. Even though I’ve got another three masks to try, I reckon this will be my favourite so I’ll be stocking up next time I’m shopping online!
Have you ever bought a mask from Superdrug’s own brand? How did you find it?

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