Spring nails: Essie

I’d been meaning to test out my new Essie polishes for ages and the other weekend, dedicated my lazy Sunday afternoon to painting my nails. The two colours I used were It’s delicate (265) and Marshmallow (63). I was hoping to try them out on a colour wheel first, but I couldn’t find mine anywhere. I think had I tried them out, I wouldn’t have been as disappointed.
In the bottle, It’s delicate looks like a cute pastel shade, but I found it to be quite translucent and more of a natural shade, than a full-on girly pink. I used a couple of coats and although after a couple of hours it did appear a fuller colour, it wasn’t what I was expecting at all – and looked nothing like it did in the bottle. On the plus side, I find Essie polishes to have a subtle smell and it dried almost instantly – I managed to do coats on each hand in under 10 minutes!
I opted for an accent nail and chose my thumbs. I wanted to be really creative and go for little hearts or flowers, but in the end went with the simple option: polkadots. The second attempt went better than the first, but that’s always the way – the first was a bit splodgy and I found myself waiting for 20 minutes for it to dry.
I love the boldness of the Marshmallow shade and it really stood out against the pink. On reflection, the two shades are probably suited to home-done manicures, something I have no patience for at all.
I’m definitely an Essie convert though.
Do you love Essie? What are your favourite colours for spring? 

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