Sunday Snapshots #24

This week has been so busy, particularly at work. The weather’s been lush too, so being cooped up inside hasn’t been much fun. Here’s what I’ve been up to...
On Tuesday, my parcel from the Urban Retreat Beautique arrived – and it came in this really lovely bag. I even got some free samples, which I can’t wait to test out. I’m going to be blogging about the product soon, so keep your eyes peeled.
Wednesday night was spent watching the football with my dad. I got the slightly sweet popcorn in my Graze box last week, so snacked on that – topping it with cinnamon. I’m currently loving the Metcalfe cinnamon popcorn, I’m hoping Graze make something similar soon.
Friday was my work friend’s last day. We started at a similar time and are the same age, so I was really sad to see her go. A few of us went to the local pub for lunch and as it was such a lovely day, sat out in the beer garden. I know we will keep in touch though!
Also on Friday, I woke up to find the whole village had no power. My first thought was “OH MY GOD, I can’t straighten my hair” – I was going to put my rollers in on Thursday night and I wish I had, as I had to go to work with unstraight hair – I hate wearing my hair tied up. I love how much volume my hair has when I blow dry it, I just hate all the kinks; I wish I could blow dry it straight.
I finally got my hair cut, with a much shorter fringe. I love it, but it’s going to take some getting used to and I’m hoping when I blow dry and straighten my hair myself, it still looks okay. I think I’ll be going back to blonde next month, especially as the weather is nicer now. Luckily the curly blow lasted all weekend as well.
On Saturday night, I went out with Laura (my friend from work). We went to Chelmsford – I’ve never been on a night out there, despite it being only 10 minutes from Brentwood. We went out for dinner first and opted for Wildwood, before going to a number of bars for cocktails. This was the pick of the bunch – a Rumberlina (Sailor Jerry’s, Passoa, Cointreau, raspberry puree, vanilla sugar and orange juice) at Baroosh. It went down TOO easily.
I hope you all had a good weekend.

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