Graze: 09.12.13

In this box, I got:
  • Jaffa cake flapjack
  • Black pepper pistachios
  • Coffee & walnut cake
  • Slightly sweet popcorn
I only received one new snack in this box, but the other three are among my favourites.
I LOVE the coffee & walnut cake (you can find out here why). I always seem to get the popcorn and pistachios in the same box, it’s almost as though Graze know I love my football/film snacks. The black pepper pistachios are my favourite flavour, while I still can’t believe how much popcorn you get in the little sachet – it’s such a guilt-free snack.
Although I’m not a fan of orange chocolate, I chose the jaffa cake flapjack with ‘send soon’ – I want to try all the snacks in my undiscovered list, so opting for the ‘send soon’ request as much as I can. I’ve even been down my virtual bin for those treats I may even like now. The flapjacks are possibly my favourite and as they’re in three finger slices, you can choose to have as little (or in my case, much) as you like. This variety had a subtle orange flavour, which wasn’t overbearing and the chocolate, luckily, was just milk chocolate. Not my favourite my any means, but still enjoyable. LIKE
Follow this link to receive three complimentary boxes – remember you can pick any snacks you like and can also cancel at any time. There are so many new treats to try – and you can even search by ingredients you like!

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