Graze: 10.07.13

In this box, I got:
·         The Graze Brownie (finally!)
·         Scrumptious Blueberry Swirl
·         Nacho Libre
·         Tropical Daiquiri
Two LOVES, one LIKE and one brand new treat I’ve been waiting what seems a lifetime for – but was definitely worth that wait.
Described as ‘better for you’, the Graze Brownie is unbelievably yummy. At only 129 calories, it doesn’t taste like it should be guilt-free and honestly, you wouldn’t know any different. So what makes it so special? The butter has been replaced by vegetarian marshmallow, yet it retains its fudgy texture. The flour has been replaced by ground almonds, yet the cake remains surprisingly moist and not at all like a dry crumble. There’s even beetroot in the Graze Brownie, but you couldn’t tell – apparently it helps bring out the chocolaty goodness. Like the flapjacks, this comes in pre-cut pieces – but there is no way I would share this! Thank you Graze! LOVE
I absolutely LOVE the Scrumptious Blueberry Swirl – I must have had it six or seven times. Back in the archive, I blogged about it here. The mix of soft dried fruits and sweet yogurt raisins is just beautiful.
Another LOVE of mine is the Tropical Daiquiri. I love the dried fruit mixes that Graze prepare, as not only do they count towards your five-a-day, they also prevent me craving sweets and other bad for you snacks.
Nacho Libre is another snack I’ve had a few times now, and unlike some of the other Graze savoury mixes, it isn’t too salty. Here’s what I thought last time round. LIKE
If you want to try the amazingly guilt-free Graze Brownie, or any other of the sweet treats for that matter, go to and enter code: LUCYW5XXP and not only do you get your first, fifth and tenth box free, you can choose what you want to try and can always cancel your order at any time!
Happy snacking

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