Pub review: Lexden Crown

Where I ate:
Lexden Crown, Lexden Road, Colchester
Working in Lexden, I often take my own lunch in as there really isn’t anywhere to go – and particularly not within an hour; no way would I make town and back. There is a really gorgeous pub across the road though and I try and go at least once a month, usually as a payday treat. The Lexden Crown is definitely a traditional pub, but it also meets the needs of the contemporary diner with a modern menu and classics reinvented.
The first couple of times I went, it was August/September time, so we sat outside. There’s a lovely beer garden with many benches – ample space considering the size of the lawn. This time round we sat inside and were placed in a little cubby hole the other side of the bar. This was because part of the pub was shut off, due to a wine tasting afternoon. That said, there was more than enough room for the four of us, and at no point did I feel crammed in or like there was a lack of space. It was so snug and cosy and perfect for a cold autumnal day. The atmosphere was relaxed as always, the staff friendly and efficient, particularly given our timeframe.
What I drank:
Diet coke
What I ate:
Pulled pork bap with crackling, apple sauce, salad, skinny fries and autumnal coleslaw
From the light bites section of the lunch menu, this feast was anything but – it would quite easily fill two hungry bellies. It was amazing though, but then the food always is at the Crown. We all opted for the pulled pork, after the rave reviews from the other half of the office who went out before us. The bap – a large, fresh ciabatta roll – was filled the brim with pulled pork and the apple sauce was the perfect accompaniment, although the sandwich wasn’t at all dry. Being so large, it was difficult to eat and even after cutting the sandwich in half, we all made a bit of a mess – as one girl said, it certainly wasn’t the sort of thing you’d order on a date! The meat was cooked to perfect, slow-cooked and so tender – it melted in the mouth. You probably didn’t really need the fries or salad but I absolutely loved the coleslaw. It packed plenty of crunch and for me, there’s nothing better than a homemade coleslaw, it’s funny how something so simple can taste so good!
Needless to say, I couldn’t eat it all and when I got back to the office, I wanted to fall asleep! Instead I soldiered on with a huge food baby! At £12, it was fairly expensive as far as lunch goes, but it’s a lovely pub and the food is always amazing – not forgetting the portion sizes. I always look forward to my next visit and it’s fair to say, I’m lucky I work next to such a little gem.

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  1. That sounds absolutely amazing!! I love pulled pork x


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