Payday treats: Ciaté

I go through phases of loving certain nail polish brands, but for the last year or so, it’s been all about Ciaté. Their polishes are long wearing and when it comes to nail art trends, they are the true innovators – just look at the success of the caviar manicure, velvet manicure and more recently, the chalkboard manicure. There’s even a new addition to the collection: a feather manicure. I’m certainly going to look in to that one; how interesting does it sound?
Through their Twitter account, I noticed a 48 hour flash sale – with 50% off all colours and further savings on some of the manicure kits. I needed a few new bits anyway, but it certainly would be rude not to indulge with a sale on – how could I resist?
I bought the following:

·         Very Colourfoil Manicure in Wonderland – was £18.00, now £5.00*
Ciaté say: inspired by London’s urban street artists, Ciaté’s Very Colourfoil Manicure creates edgy, cool, grafitted look with this easy to apply long-wearing manicure
·         Glametal shimmer polish – was £9.00, now £4.50*
Ciaté say: turn heads with this unique mixture of melted silvers, golds and demure darks
·         Sugared Almonds crème polish – was £9.00, now £4.50*
Ciaté say: a gorgeous peach orange nude that will lighten and uplift any skin tone
*Prices have since gone back to pre-sale prices.
I chose the two colours based on what I normally wear to work – the Glametal will definitely add some much needed sparkle to my outfits, while Sugared Almonds will add a subtle pop of colour to the drab black I generally wear every day.
I’m considering testing the Very Colourfoil Manicure at some point over the weekend – if I can pick myself off the sofa and stop coughing, that is! I really don’t think I’ll have the patience for it, although I did eventually perfect the caviar nail trend. As soon as it’s tested, I will be blogging, so keep your eyes peeled!
What are your favourite Ciaté shades, and have you given any of the manicure kits a go? I’d love to read your posts and see pictures, so leave some lovely comments below!

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  1. Hope you feel better soon hun!

    I absolutely love the Colourfoil manicure, mainly because it's quick, foolproof and striking xx


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