Graze: 20.02.13

In this box, I got:

·         Summer pudding
·         Habas tapas (roasted corn, chilli broad beans and jumbo chilli corn)
·         After dinner mint (mint infused raisins, almonds and dark chocolate buttons)
·         Tropical dacquiri (pineapple, lime infused raisins and green mango)
Summer pudding
I wrote about the summer pudding in one of my earlier posts, when I requested it with send soon. I loved it then and I still do. The fruits are soft, yet sour and the other elements add a crunch. It would make a perfect summer day treat, but in the meantime, will remind me of sunny days that are yet to come.
Habas tapas
A sure-fire way to keep cravings for salty snacks like crisps and nuts at bay. I absolutely love it. At only 131 calories a punnet, it’s part of the Graze Light range and is a lot healthier than many savoury snack products on the market. The chilli isn’t overpowering or too hot, which is great for me, as I don’t like spicy food. The broad beans are my  favourite – I’d had them in Spain before, fried in a garlicy coating, but the chilli is much better!
After dinner mint
One of the products I was yet to try, I pressed send soon with this to sample something new. I’m not a fan of the dark chocolate buttons as they’re too rich because of their size. Having already had various punnets with different flavoured raisins in, I wasn’t sure what to expect from ones infused with mint – to me, they were weird. All in all, it was too dry as well – and give me an after eight chocolate any day!
Tropical dacquiri
I’ve said before how much I enjoy the punnets of dried fruit and with this expectation, tropical dacquiri didn’t disappoint. It wasn’t too sweet, with only the natural sugars of the fruit and was a portion of your five-a-day (can’t go wrong!). It’s the perfect mid-morning snack, at only 105 calories. The lime infused raisins pack a punch and the pineapple has that exotic tang; the mango is squishy and sweet. Even better is that it would make the perfect topping to frozen yogurt and I’ll definitely be giving that a go next time!

Remember you can have a box for free, by entering code: B1MFKZN

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