Sunday Snapshots #5

Easter treats courtesy of mummy Walds ~ Carb-free is the way to be ~ Friday night chill-out ~ Spring is here ~ Saturday afternoon entertainment
On Monday I came home from a weekend at Jake’s to find my mum had made me up a little bundle of Easter goodies. She knows I prefer sweets to chocolate, so I got one main Easter egg (the far left one, from Waitrose, with gummy eggs inside it). I imagine this little stash will last me until at least June. It’s a shame I wasn’t at home over the Easter weekend, as she’d have done an Easter egg hunt for us!
With mum off work with half term, she’s been making dinners in the week for everyone. I’m back on the healthy eating wagon (impossible with so much sweet stuff lying around) and have decided to do that squat challenge that’s doing the rounds at the minute. I’m only eating carbs twice a week, so on Wednesday I went for chicken and asparagus, one of my favourites. All the other vegetables needed eating so I go lumbered with them too.
Friday night I stayed in with mum and dad, they ordered an Indian and I had a salad. A glass of wine was definitely in order, so I had a glass of rose, before having a bath and putting my rollers in. Rock n roll.
I went to Barnet with dad on Saturday afternoon like usual. It was the penultimate game at our ground and it was a really beautiful day. While we may have lost 2-0 to Chesterfield, the sun was shining – although I think I was the only one in sunglasses and with no coat. My Jimmy Choo shades are such an investment, I’ve had them four years and they’re still in perfect condition. Even on the way home, it was still warm – so hopefully it will remain nice now. We even went to ShakeTown, where I went for one of my favourite combinations: Milkybar and Skittles! Mmmm.
I hope you all enjoyed the weekend and a had a good week, this week. Did you get up to much over the weekend? x

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