My new obsession: Sleep-in Rollers

After seeing so many girls tweet about Sleep-in Rollers, I just had to see what all the fuss was about. My hairdresser too had talked about them and with my hair being so boring and flat, I needed to buy them! I always wear my hair down and straighten it, I just needed it to have a bit of life and volume. Sleep-in Rollers are my life saver!
As soon as I opened them, I fell in love! They’re pink and squashy, and come in a really cute pink drawstring bag. Gorgeous and because of their size, you can take them anywhere: if you’re staying overnight at a friend’s, getting ready for a night out somewhere other than home, a weekend away... they’re just perfect!
The rollers come in packs of 10 and I bought two packs. My hair is thick and long and I easily get through all 20, and sometimes feel like I could do with more! It is recommended you use all 20 and put them in place with Kirby grips so they don’t fall or slip in your sleep. That said, this will be my next purchase ‘cos frankly I’ve had enough of balancing clips in my mouth and then rummaging on the floor, trying to pick them out of the carpet!
Before using these, I had never used any kind of roller before so I had no idea what I was really doing, or where I should place the rollers, or how thick to section my hair etc. The packet recommends you use them on dry hair, but the tutorial video on the website shows using them on wet hair. This confused me somewhat but from experience now I use them on damp hair, being sure to apply loads of mousse.
I’m still struggling with where to place them, but I’m finding working from the sides first helps, before doing the middle section going back. I don’t have a fringe either, but I’m thinking about getting this in the hope that the front of my hair will sit better – as opposed to either side of my parting.
After browsing the website here are a couple more bits I have my eye on which I know will end up being essential:
·         Hairdryer Hood – they say: “Setting your Sleep-in Rollers will provide a more enhanced finish for bigger hair in less time”. I say: “fixing my rollers with minimum fuss is what I need”.
·         Bun Rings – they say: “5 easy steps to fab hair in 10 minutes”. I say: “this is a must-have to create a sophisticated up do”.
·         Shower Hood – they say: “Wake up in the morning and jump in the shower wearing your Sleep In Rollers shower cap”. I say: “To maximise the time you keep your rollers in, this is perfect and doesn’t interrupt your morning routine”
I thoroughly recommend Sleep-in and it’s true – I always sleep through the night despite having these in. They do take some getting used to once they’re in your hair and because they are so soft, you can’t actually feel your pillow. But they’re amazing!
First attempt

Second attempt

Third attempt

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