Graze: 06.02.13

In this box, I got:
·         Hot cross yum (sponge pieces, cinnamon and honey almonds and orange infused raisins)
·         Mississippi BBQ pistachios
·         Veggie sushi plate (ginger and nori peanuts, Japanese seaweed rice crackers and wasabi coated peas)
·         Summer berry compote (wholemeal shortbread dipper with berry compote)

·         I think I’ve mentioned before how much I love the hot cross yum punnet, it’s probably my favourite from the Classics Reinvented range. It’s weird actually, because I don’t even like hot cross buns, but I absolutely love this! The almonds are amazing, because they’re sweet and the cinnamon is subtle. The sponge pieces are my favourite thing that Graze does and because they’re so light you don’t feel as guilty as you would, had you had a piece of actual cake. Each element in the hot cross yum tastes so good on its own but together is even better! LOVE

·         In my last entry I wrote about the chilli & lime pistachios. In this box I got to sample the BBQ variety, which I’ve actually had a couple of times now and is definitely my favourite. The pistachios are sweet yet smoky and if you love BBQ sauce as much as me, you will love these. My mum seems to think they taste like smoky bacon crisps, but I disagree. These make the most perfect snack for a night in front of the TV or a film. LOVE

·         The veggie sushi plate was in my undiscovered food and as a fan of rice crackers and the flavoured nuts, I was looking forward to this. If you love wasabi and really hot flavours, you’ll love this. For me it was too much though – and I love horseradish with roast beef and wasabi with my sushi. The rice crackers were fine and I picked those out, but unfortunately the nuts were contaminated with the coating from the peas and the heat just went straight up my nose. BIN

·         The summer berry compote is another from last year’s summer range. I don’t think I could put in to words how much I love this and even on a winter’s day, reminds me of summer and makes me feel summery. The shortbread and fruit compote is the perfect combination and they complement each other really well. My only gripe is that I could do with a couple more shortbread fingers! Perfection in a punnet! LOVE

Remember you can have your own box for free by checking out the website and entering code: B1MFKZN

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