Beauty: what’s in my makeup bag

I seem to splurge on makeup every four months, although from time to time I buy bits to test out. Most of the time, they go in the bin or I give them away because I don’t like them. After my November post, here’s what is currently in my makeup bag:

Fit Me range
I’d heard so many good things about Maybelline’s Fit Me range: excellent  and smooth coverage, long-wearing and reasonably cheap; not to mention a big collection, so a shade for everyone. I bought the foundation first and based it on the colour of the one I currently use; unfortunately it wasn’t what I was expecting and looked different on my skin to the colour on the swatch. It looks quite orange in the bottle, but luckily when it’s rubbed in, it doesn’t look so bad. I then checked out the Maybelline website and found there’s a ‘find your perfect shade’ quiz, so I followed that to find the shade of my powder. I found my shade is 225, or medium buff. The foundation looks quite pale in that shade though, and I do like one with a bit of colour. You can find your match here.
I always buy Maybelline mascara because I find it’s best for making my lashes really thick, long and dark. I recently got some Boots coupons in the post and one of them was for 17’s new mascara, Doll’d up. Normally priced at £6.29, I could have it for £2.00 – even better when I could use my Boots points instead of paying too. At such a cheap price, I couldn’t resist and I’m looking forward to trying it out. I’ll let you know what it’s like.
Smoky eyes
A trend that will never die and one that I absolutely love, mainly because I wear black for work and it’s a must on a night out, teamed up with big hair. I got this kit free on the Boots website after I spent £3.99 on the 17 brand (my bronzer). The best thing about this is the little instruction booklet which helps you perfect the look. The only thing I dislike is the pencil eyeliner, largely because I always use a liquid liner – I always put the liner on afterwards as well so it doesn’t smudge as much (in a messy way!). If I had the time and patience, I’d probably have smoky eyes every day.
Think pink
My makeup bag is the perfect size for my daily necessities and anything else just goes in my drawer (which is totally disorganised and finding things takes a bit of time!). I think I’ll struggle to get everything in it when I go on holiday, so I am on the look-out for a slightly larger one. I love pink though, so it’s absolutely perfect. Believe it or not, I managed to resist temptation on their website when I bought it too!

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