Sunday Snapshots #4

Starting the day well ~ Last floodlight game ~ Something to look forward to ~ New hair ~ Snow day

In Sunday Snapshots #2 I wrote about my purchases from Candy Hero. This week I opened the Smorz cereal (yes, one of the highlights of my week!) and I cannot believe they don’t sell it over here! It’s obviously ‘cos the sugar content is so high, but it was amazing! I had it with some natural yogurt and freeze-dried strawberries and it set me up for the morning. I love it.
Tuesday night I went to Barnet with my daddy. The club are moving grounds next season so it was the last night game ever at Underhill. For some reason, there’s something really special about playing under the floodlights, even though it’s always really cold. We beat Fleetwood 2-0, but I’m really going to miss the place.
On Wednesday I received this invite in the post to an engagement party. I lived with Natalie in my final year of Uni and saw Anthony a lot as he used to come and stay at weekends. He proposed on Valentine’s Day and I’m really looking forward to celebrating with them both – as well as seeing everyone from Uni, as it’s been a while! It’ll be the third engagement party I’ve been to over the last two years, which reaffirms the belief I will be a crazy cat lady! Now, I just need to find something to wear and get the accommodation booked up, as I’ll be travelling to Gillingham.
I got my hair done on Saturday, as my roots really needed sorting and I could do with a cut. I had a couple of my layers put back in and although I’ve wanted a fringe for ages, I thought against it as I’m so bad at maintaining them! I’ve known my hairdresser Leila since I was about two or three, she used to be the Saturday girl – she works miracles!
On Saturday afternoon, I was back at Barnet with dad – braving the snow in the process! The conditions were really horrendous and by the time I came home, my hair was pretty much ruined. I love the snow when I’m inside and looking out of the window, all wrapped up in a duvet or onesie, but I actually hate going out in it and getting wet and cold! The game finished goalless and I couldn’t wait to get home!

I hope you all had a good week. Did you get up to much over the weekend? x

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  1. It's such a shame that Barnet have played their last night game at Underhill. As stupid as it no doubt sounds to people who don't "get" football, people are incredibly sentimental about their clubs and grounds and they're a source of such good memories. I'm going to be heartbroken if (read: when) Chelsea move. I know it sounds silly but just the thought that your kids will never go there is sad :(



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