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I can’t remember how I first came across Sweet Lily Sparkles, but I’m so glad I did. Four or five purchases later and I think I’m totally addicted – and you should be too!
Kayleigh is the brains behind Sweet Lily Sparkles, dedicated to jewellery and other bits and pieces inspired by her favourite sweets. As she says on her website, every piece is unique, handmade and can even be custom made if there’s something specifically you’re after.
I love all things sweet, so what better way to pay homage to them than wear it? Although it isn’t just sweet treats that can be created, there has previously been a ’50 Shades’ inspired collection and more recently a new range entitled ‘Trip to Paris’. As you’ll see later on, those bits are gorge!
Everything is really reasonably priced and always good quality. I’ve had so many people come up to me and compliment me on earrings and necklaces, which is always nice – and hopefully that’s been able to spread the word! Even better than that is the offers Kayleigh puts on. If you follow her on Twitter you’ll often see “free delivery” (although delivery is always free on orders over £25), “10/20% off” and even sometimes a “goodie bag”. There’s never a minimum spend either, so you can purchase as much or as little as possible, but as she’s always updating the range, there’s always something to catch the eye! And it’s a lovely surprise when your order arrives with a couple of complimentary bits – I’ve had two, and they’ve always contained something I was close to buying.
So here are the bits I bought most recently:

Sweet Treats
Jammie dodger style ring – £4.00
Mini flump earrings – £4.00

Trip to Paris
Eiffel Tower necklace – £6.00
Charm bracelet – £10.00
I love you postcard necklace – £6.00

Goodie Bag:
Gingerbread man earrings – usually £4.00
Sweet lips hairgrip
Rose filigree ring – usually £4.00

As you can see, each piece is cute and girly and although they make a great treat for yourself, they also make a perfect gift for someone else. I wish I had bought my mum a couple of pairs of Christmas earrings when the Christmas range was out. The ‘baby on board’ charm bracelets – a recent addition – make a lovely gift for any expecting or new mums as well. And they’re available in blue and pink.
So follow Sweet Lily Sparkles on Twitter and be sure to visit the website. You don’t know what you’re missing!


  1. I'm not usually one for costume jewellery but I love the charm bracelet, very cute x

    1. I've worn the charm bracelet everyday since it arrived - it's definitely my favourite! Ordered some button earrings tonight and they're really cute too :) x


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