Graze: 27.12.12

In this box I got: lightly salted popcorn, Eton mess, toffee apple and crunchini basilico.

Lightly salted popcorn
The popcorn is a new addition to the Graze range and fortnightly I’ve worked my way through all three varieties, courtesy of ‘send soon’. I was least looking forward to the salted popcorn as generally I prefer sweet flavours, but I thought I’d at least try it to see what it was like and to hopefully change my opinion. I didn’t like it but for people that do like salty popcorn, I guess this would be amazing. I gave most of it to my mum and she loved it because it wasn’t too salty and made a great snack while we were watching a film.
Eton mess (almond slices, blackcurrants, mini meringues and cranberries)
I absolutely love the classic dessert Eton mess, mainly because it’s a mixture of things that are generally bad for you – but work together well and taste amazing! With this in mind, I couldn’t wait to try the Eton mess from Graze, although obviously it wouldn’t quite be the same. It was a good mix though – the crunchy almonds, sweetness of meringue and sharpness of the berries. I can’t decide whether or not I like it enough for it to be sent regularly, so I’m thinking I will make my mind up on a second tasting.
Toffee apple
One of my downfalls is sweet snacks; I could honestly eat an entire packet of biscuits in one sitting if push came to shove. And I have always loved sweets. Toffee apple has become the perfect substitute for when I’m craving something sugary and at 68 calories a punnet, it doesn’t seem so bad. Toffee apple is slices of dried granny smith with a toffee sauce dip and is just amazing. The annoying thing about it is, once it’s gone, it’s gone – I could totally demolish another couple of punnets, but then I have no self control. I’ve had toffee apple three or four times now, and I’ve loved it since the first one.
Crunchini basilico
Another one of my favourite Graze snacks, ever. Crunchini basilico is another dipping punnet and combines crunchini (like breadsticks) with a basil infused oil. When dieting, I normally have soup for lunch and this is the perfect accompaniment. At only 80 calories, it’s not as naughty as toast or crisps and tastes great! I normally dunk the crunchini in the oil, leaving it to soak a little bit, as dipping isn’t quite as effective. The basil infused oil is lovely though – they really need to do it by the bottle so I can continue to snack well!

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