Celebrating my Baby Shower at Cake Secret, Newport Pagnell

A table set with an array of different appetizers and desserts, decorated with teal and gold balloons
My baby shower was a complete surprise. While I provided a guest list, I didn't know who was attending, nor did I know where it was. For ages, all I knew was a date and eventually I found out what time I was being picked up. Turns out it was at a super cute cafĂ© – Cake Secret in Newport Pagnell. I've only ever been to Newport once – to Thai restaurant, Pin Petch – so had no idea where the cafe was, but you can't miss it with its pink exterior.

The food was fantastic. It was a mix between afternoon tea and grazing boards with so many bits to choose from. Having been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, one of my main concerns was not knowing the food options in advance, although my meal readings were usually good and within range, but I had nothing to worry about. I was actually advised to enjoy myself by one of my midwives (not sure the GDUK team would agree that’s good advice). Luckily, I could pick and choose and also pair the foods I wanted without feeling guilty. They were sandwiches (with fillings like mozzarella and tomato; egg mayo and bacon; and my favourite, coronation chicken); the yummiest crostini topped with prawn and avocado (and veggie equivalents); cheese, meats, olives, breadsticks and crackers on slate boards; and a few sweet treats – cupcakes, cake pops and the tastiest biscuits. I treated myself to a cake pop and a biscuit. Other highlights included a red wine cheese (we think that’s what it was anyway) and fresh figs (my favourite). We could also have unlimited tea or coffee – I had two decaf lattes – and jugs of iced water were on the tables.

A plate of baby-themed cookies in the shape of teddy bears and baby bottles with blue frosting

Talking of the table, it looked fantastic – not only with all the yummy food and treats, but the decorations and balloons. We even played some games. We had three cards and a pen each. Baby predictions are always fun, and I can't believe that one of the guests correctly got the birth date, while another successfully guessed the baby’s weight. I have some psychic friends, that's for sure. We also had a ‘true or false’ baby quiz which I was terrible at (and got less than half the answers right) and ‘Who knows mummy best?’ quiz. No one got full marks but understandably my mum and childhood best friend both were the joint winners… although one of the questions was ‘who is mummy’s celebrity crush?’ and I honestly don't think I have one anymore. We also took it in turns to guess the number of sweets in the jar, which was full of blue bonbons. I was nowhere near on my first guess but was within two on my second. Sadly, it meant I didn’t win but it was a bit of fun (and a very nice prize for the winner).

A group of people sitting at a table in a quaint cafe decorated with balloons and pastel colors

It was just so lovely to celebrate with friends and family, to see and catch up with some people haven't seen in ages – some even months ago, or even a year or more. I opened gifts at the venue and both baby and I were very spoilt. I left feeling loved, but also tired and slightly overwhelmed. It was a really nice venue for a baby shower. We had the loveliest corner with a long table and booth seating. Of course, it was difficult to fully catch up with everyone, but I appreciated everyone that turned up.

Best of all, there were leftovers to take home. I took the sweet treats for Alfie (who ended up taking cupcakes into school for his teachers) while my mum was more than happy to take the cheese board.

I’d definitely recommend Cake Secret for any special occasions or even if you're looking for a sweet treat. I told Alfie I’d take him for cakes and shakes at some point as he was so disappointed that he missed out. He thought he was going to be attending my baby shower and it was difficult explaining that there would be no children… after all, he did attend his own baby shower.

Love, Lucy xx

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