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Boy standing for photo opportunity with brightly coloured wings

We’ve been to Gulliver’s Land theme park several times, but never been to the Dinosaur & Farm Park, which is separate – until now! Priced at £10 for children and adults (so around, if not over, the price of going to the actual theme park), there’s plenty to do and see – including rides, play areas and of course, animals.

Even if your child isn’t into dinosaurs, they’d still have a good time. There’s obviously the farm section, an insect area and even a reptile house. Indoor and outdoor play areas, sandpits, and eateries as well as the gift shop.

Let me start by saying, if like us, you’ve not been before – it’s difficult to find, both the car park and the entrance. Neither are particularly well-signposted. Unlike the theme park which has a huge sign, gates and you can see the attractions, we got lost. Top tip: don’t drive onto the camp site and if you’ve reached the Warbler on the Wharf pub, you’ve gone too far!

Anyway, once we were in, we had a great time – and even better, the sun was shining!

The Rides

There are plenty of photo opps throughout the park, the first of which was at the entrance with the giant, coloured wings. I think we saw something very similar at Mead Open Farm last summer for their spectacular event, but we just had to stop and pose before checking out the rides.

We went straight to the ride-on dinos, which Alfie loved. It’s a small circuit, but he loved going faster than the other children and overtaking them. Helmets are provided for safety, but annoyingly, I had to walk around with Alfie during the whole ride. I’d have understood it if he was 3, or little. We actually had a couple of goes on this ride.

Next, we went to the riverboat. It’s petrol-powered so was quite pungent, especially as we were sat behind the driver. But the ride itself was serene. As we meandered around the lazy river, there were plenty of figures to spot. I’d read reviews of the water being really dirty and swampy… I didn’t think it was that bad!

And then it was time to take to skies, as we went higher than the trees and reached the clouds on the Observation Tower. Although it looked high from ground level and Alfie said it looked scary, it really wasn’t, and he had a great time. The ride rotates slowly, so we didn’t feel dizzy, and it wasn’t anything like those vertical drop rides.

Boy in a helmet, riding a pretend triceratops

Rest of the Day

We explored the rest of the area named The Lost World of Living Dinosaurs – walking across the treetop trail and stopping to look at all the boxes which contained questions, facts, and touchy-feely games.

We walked through the Living Dinosaur trail and saw all the dinosaurs, before reaching the small play area. There were a couple of rockers and climbing-slide set. It was difficult prising the kids from the playground, but lunch definitely called!

We ate at the Raptor Restaurant, ordering some food and drinks and grabbing a table outside, with a parasol. Alfie requested pepperoni pizza, which was massive – so we shared that with a portion of fries. That, and three drinks came to less than £20, which I thought was reasonable – although we went back for more bottles of water and ice cream! The food was decent too – the menu wasn’t the biggest, but there were burgers and hotdogs too, as well as sandwiches and sausage rolls… and plenty of snacks, including cookies and crisps.

Pepperoni pizza in a box with a side of french fries

After Lunch 

There was enough time to walk through the farm park. We saw goats, sheep and their lambs, smaller animals like guinea pigs and birds. Alfie then wanted to play some more and in the Insect World, there were some really lovely wooden play areas. The beehive was like a climbing wall that you could walk across. Further along were some wooden planks and monkey bars. There were also some giant bugs, mostly made from metal. He didn’t like those so much and he really disliked the Reptile House – saying the big spiders were too scary! We had to hot-foot it to the cinema screening, where a film about dinosaurs was being shown.

Despite being a beautiful day, the soft play called. It’s quite small and I personally found it claustrophobic but the kids had fun. You don’t really need to spend too much time there – and I managed to persuade Alfie out with the promise of a tractor ride, another turn on the dinos and the gift shop on the way home!

For children of a similar age, it’s so much fun. The park opens at 11 and we arrived just after that, staying for 4 hours – plenty of time to see everything. In areas, it did look a bit tired – like the soft play, which looked in need of love, and some of the sandpits looked a bit grotty (but these can easily be avoided). We would go back again, and as much as Alfie would love another pizza, I’d probably take a picnic to buy slushies and snacks instead!

Love, Lucy xx

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