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Sophia Webster butterfly flats in ivory
Sophia Webster butterfly flats in ivory

Random fact – I love buying shoes.

It never used to be the case, and I used to shop at places like Linzi and New Look. Things changed and at one point I had 50+ pairs of shoes – mainly pumps and heels. I reckon my collection has halved since then – I mean I threw away most of my heels as I don’t get a chance to wear them.

I’ve also gone from fairly fast fashion to investing… that is clothes and shoes! I love investing in designer shoes. Kurt Geiger, Vivienne Westwood... it doesn't matter. But one pair of shoes will forever be head and shoulders above the rest. My wedding shoes. By Sophia Webster.

I always knew what I wanted. A pair of Sophia Webster butterfly flats. I'd seen them online and instantly fell in love. The first pair I laid my eyes on were champagne glitter with rose gold features – totally up my street. And in fact, I'd seen them before I'd even decided on a dress. Sadly, they weren't available in my size on the website – however many times I searched. There was also another pair I laid my eyes on, but since originally searching – like around this time last year – they seem to no longer be on the website. A real shame.

Instead, I clicked on the bridal section. Butterfly Flats were also available. With ‘Wifey for Lifey’ imprinted on the sole – perfect for shoe shots. Only one colour available though: ivory with silver features. I held off for the time being, hoping the other pair will be in my size and continued to weigh up my options. The longer I left it, it felt like there would be no such luck. I ordered my dress which is ivory and decided on those bridal butterfly flats. In fact, Ash bought them for me. My friend had been talking about wedding presents, and we genuinely weren’t going to get each other anything – and she said when she got married, her and hubby bought each other their shoes. So that was sorted. Ash ordered them on the spot, while I ordered his, the next day – and promised him a pair of cufflinks too.

The Sophia Webster website recommends going 0.5 sizes up for a comfortable fit, but I just stuck with European size 40 (a UK size 7), as it was in stock. And I have no regrets. They fit perfectly. I wish I had been able to go in store to try them on. There had been a pop up at Bicester village when I first searched for the shoes, but obviously with lockdown for most of the year, I had no option really than to get them online. I believe there are a couple of stores in London though.

I have literally tried them on, walked to the mirror and had a look, walked back to the bedroom and took them straight off. They’re still in the dust bag and in the box which has been pushed to the back of the wardrobe. I honestly cannot wait to wait to wear them. I'm just hoping they don't get destroyed as the colour will most definitely stain (no rosé for me!) – and I am hoping I wear them again. The colour is slightly darker than what I was expecting although my dress is also ivory, and I’m comparing them to that. I can't wait to see what they will look like when I go for my next dress fitting. It's hard to imagine at the moment.

Sophia Webster have the dreamiest shoes, and although I always knew I'd be wearing flats on the day, it didn't stop me lusting over the heels. The Chiara 85 are gorgeous as are Tallulah – which are also stocked in a sandal (100% on my wish list) and a kids’ shoe. Super cute.

For the meantime, I continue to lust over the website and wonder whether those other flats will ever be in stock in the two colours I’d previously liked. As far as investments go, these are up there. The most expensive shoes I own, but so worth it. And the butterflies on the front are so cute as well as the soles which I cannot wait to get a snap of on the day. Now do I get a clutch bag to match?

Love, Lucy xx

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