The Easiest (and yummiest!) Victoria Sponge Cake

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Apologies for the photo, the only one I took was on my Instagram story and I couldn’t crop out all of the caption *hands over eyes*.

If you read Tuesday’s post, or saw my InstaStory on Alfie’s birthday, you will know that I made his birthday cake, which was a super simple Victoria Sponge. And it really is so easy to make. The recipe comes from one of my favourite books: Family Teatime (in fact, it’s where I found the ‘Easiest (and yummiest!) Lemon Drizzle Cake’. I’ll definitely be using the book more in future, when Alfie and I can bake together. The book suggests this particular recipe will serve 8-10, but I managed to cut it into 25 squares, so the majority of guests could take some home.

·         225g soft margarine (or I used baking spread)
·         225g caster sugar
·         4 medium eggs
·         225g self-raising flour
·         1tsp baking powder
·         4tbs jam (raspberry is traditional, but I used strawberry)
·         100ml double cream

·         Preheat the oven to 180C/gas mark 4 and grease two 8” cake tins
·         Put the margarine, sugar and eggs in a bowl and sift in the flour and baking powder. Beat until smooth
·         Divide the mixture between the tins and level
·         Bake for 25 minutes, until golden brown and well-risen. The sponge should spring back when touched gently
·         Leave the sponges to cool in the tin for 2 minutes, before turning out on a wire rack
·         When fully cooled, spread one cake with the jam. Whip the cream until thick and soft peaks form. Spread the cream on the underside of the other cake
·         Sandwich the cakes together, dust with icing sugar, cut and serve

I got some lovely compliments from the party guests, which was nice as it stuck to the bottom of the tins once turned out – and looked like a dog’s dinner. It’s amazing how a bit of jam and cream can hide so many sins! But the sponge was lovely and light – and I think I’ll bake it again fairly soon. I really want to start baking again and feel like it’ll give me a purpose (and help me gain weight!). I might try a couple of bonfire night recipes (the book has a gorgeous looking toffee apple cake I have my eye on).

Please let me know if you try this recipe – or any of my others. If you’re sharing on Instagram, use the hashtag #LucyLovesRecipe so I can take a look at your creations.

Love, Lucy xx

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