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Wax burner on the windowsill, with plant

Having now spent over a year at home and pretty much nowhere else, I’ve really made sure that little touches make me love my home. Things like fresh flowers on the dining room table, a room spray in our bedroom in the evening, and wax melts burning in the office while I work.

I’m going to share my hauls and favourite scents from each room, and what better place to start than where I’m happiest. I love our kitchen. It’s where I cook to my heart’s content, sing and dance along to Alexa and can just sit for hours looking in the garden, watching the world go by.

These will just be my current hauls, so everything that’s in my boxes for each room. I do have another three bags of melts under my bed that I’m yet to dive into. I’ve also mentioned before I tailor my scents to the room, so you’ll get a feel of what each room smells like. Being this organised makes my heart happy too.

Wax melt haul

 Strong scents to mask smells

As much as I love cooking, I’m not a fan of all the aromas that are left lingering. So, when it comes to my kitchen burner, I have an ultra-strict criteria and the melt needs to be:

  • Super strong 
  • Long lasting, with an incredible scent throw 
  • Citrussy, or at the least, fruity; or 
  • Something fresh and clean, to mirror the smell of laundry

With that in mind, I’m currently burning Zesty Orange, and the next one on my agenda is Lemon Sherbet (both from Little Aromas). Under my bed, I have two wedge segs from Firefly Handmade Creations in the scent Limoncello and I’m so excited to give those a go. I’ve had a smell, and it takes me back to holidaying in Limone. To be fair, anything lemony, or that’ll give me spring vibes is always a winner.

And while I do love citrus smells, I recently bought the scent Grandma’s House, from Little Aromas – and wow. It smells exactly like apple pie and custard. It’s sweet, homely, and will absolutely do the job in the kitchen. While it doesn’t smell like my nan’s house did, it’s still lush. And if I’m not going for something fruity? Well it just has to be something Zoflora or Lenor inspired doesn’t it! Some of these I’ll burn in other rooms, there’s nothing quite like the smell of Fresh Linen or Rose Wonderland

Monkey Farts heart snap bar wax melt

 What is Monkey Farts?

This is a question I get asked loads – particularly on Instagram if I’m burning this scent and sharing it on my stories. I guess it doesn’t sound nice. But then check out those colours on the bar – the colours match the scent beautifully. If I were to sum it up in one word, I’d be torn between ‘tropical’ and ‘vibrant’.

All the fruits: banana, pear, orange, lemon and lime, with coconut for a taste of the tropics; and notes of jasmine; on a base of sweet vanilla and musk. Very fruity but also sweet, but not in the sickly sense. I just think of Um Bongo – who remembers the ad? It reminds me of summer, but I love watching this burn and all the colours colliding.

So, as I say, it sounds a lot better than the name suggests, right?

Favourite Five

And as difficult as it’s going to be, I’m going to finish these posts with my favourite five scents. Like I say, impossible as there’s so many. I guarantee I’ll forget one I’ve not burned for a while, or forgotten I had, or just simply not remembered. But my kitchen top five is:

  • Lemon Sherbet (possibly to be knocked off by Limoncello, when I finally give it a go) 
  • Black Plum & Rhubarb (literally could not stop burning this one recently – used all my mermaid brittle in the space of two weeks) 
  • English Pear & Freesia 
  • Love Bug (this one was a limited-edition Valentine’s Day scent, and I wish I had stocked up) 
  • Monkey Farts

I must add, how gorgeous are the fairy slabs? I think they’re available in three sizes and almost too beautiful to burn. Sadly, I recently cut my Black Cherry one in the office and it was heart-breaking. I don’t mind snapping snap bars or the heart bars, but anything that actually involves cutting just isn’t for me – it’s almost like a phobia, I can’t bring myself to do it. The two slabs pictured are in Black Plum & Rhubarb and Grandma’s House.

If you’ve ever got any questions about scents or dupes, feel free to drop me a message on socials. Don’t forget first-time customers to Little Aromas can get a discount with code NEWBIE10 – enter at checkout.

Love, Lucy xx

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