A pre-birthday sushi feast – lockdown edit

Cucumber maki and other sushi rolls
Soft shell crab sushi rolls, topped with avocado and crispy onions
Two platters, consisting of a variety of sushi rolls with salmon, tuna and avocado
I certainly did not ever think I’d be having a lockdown birthday, but here we are three days later. On the actual day, I already had organised dinner plans – keep your eyes peeled for Thursday’s post – but I thought why not treat myself the day before, too!

We have ordered from King Sushi before and everything is always so delicious. I love sushi, although it’s not something I have often. And as mum was with us, I thought it would be nice to do something as a small pre-birthday celebration. What better way to celebrate than with sushi and gin?!

Since writing this post, King Sushi have announced that they’ll be delivering to Newton Leys on a Thursday (minimum spend: £30) – which could be lethal. Prior to that, it was collection only – but thankfully, they’re based on ‘our side’ of Leighton Buzzard, so it’s about 10 minutes up the road.

Last time, I ordered with Alfie in mind – even though it turned out, he was going to play with everything and not eat it. Luckily, I had fed him beforehand and so we were feeding three. Mum and I had looked at the menu and decided on some dishes… and I completely forgot that Ash doesn’t like avocado. Last time, we ordered appetisers and gyozas, and instead, we just went in with a mountain of sushi!

If you’re into sushi, you’ll find plenty of different kinds of rolls on the menu: maki, uramaki, futomaki, nigiri, and temaki. But if you can’t decide what you want, or are after a variety of rolls and flavours, there are plenty of sets to choose from. There are also salads and poke bowls, ramen and hot dishes.

This time, we ordered:

  • Omega box (20 pieces for £10.50) 
  • King Special box (8 pieces for £10.50)
  • Spicy tuna cucumber uramaki (8 pieces for £6.15)

The omega box was a great shout – there were 6 avocado maki, 6 salmon maki and 8 salmon avocado rolls, so lots of choice and plenty of food. Each sushi box comes with a serving of soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger, as well as some edamame beans – and the salmon sushi with the beans together was so nice. I was inclined to order the tuna set box to begin with, but the King selection box sounds so good too – like I say, there’s loads of choice.

The spicy tuna rolls were possibly my favourite – and not too spicy. The place I referenced in my last post used to go all out with the heat – and as much as I loved the tuna hand rolls, they were just too spicy for me. But now I can handle King Sushi’s spicy tuna, I’m already thinking about the temaki for next time. The cucumber was also sliced so finely, it was refreshing. And even the tuna itself was so fresh and delicious – you could tell it was really good quality.

Everyone knows how much I love soft-shell crab and having ordered the soft-shell crab futomaki last time, I was really excited by the King Special rolls – soft-shell crab with asparagus, topped with avocado, crispy onions and unagi sauce. The combination was really delicious, they were so flavoursome. I enjoyed them, don’t get me wrong, as I think I ate nearly half – but the crab meat just wasn’t as succulent, and the delicate flavour was slightly lost amongst everything else. I’d be more inclined to order the futomaki again.

In my last post, I mentioned the hot food and my need to have the seafood ramen – that’s definitely not changed and will be next on my ‘To Try’ list. There is literally so much to get through – like I want to try all of the temaki, and when it gets warmer, there’s a tuna poke bowl, which would be the absolute one. I even regretted not ordering appetisers or gyozas this time – but there’s always next time, and I don’t think it’ll be too long before I order again!

We are truly blessed with some really great independent eateries around here, and I’m actually compiling a list on my phone of which one/s to try next. Watch this space. Maybe my lack of inspiration during lockdown will culminate in me just eating takeaways every week for the sake of content!

Love, Lucy xx

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