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I’m seriously playing catch-up with these posts, and I’m also so conscious I’ve got loads of food posts in a row, but they’ll soon be replaced with Christmas content, and anyway, it’s December – food is often the first thing on my mind at this time of year!

Anyway, our third box was a great success – 100% accurate in fact. I got all the menu cards and all the correct ingredients. But more importantly, we got to try some new things, so let’s get underway!

Cauliflower nuggets, with a spicy bean stew and soured cream

Monday:        Crisp cauliflower nuggets, with a spicy bean stew and soured cream

Meat-free Monday was an absolute triumph. I’d never had cauliflower nuggets before, and I’ll be honest, I’d only ever eat cauliflower, as in cauliflower cheese. But they were delicious, and so crispy with the breadcrumb coating. The bean stew was really warming and nourishing and not too spicy – although the soured cream was on-hand to cool it down, anyway. It was a proper winter warmer, and something I’d consider making again. It didn’t reheat so well though – the cauliflower became soggy and the stew, stodgy.

But I still rated this dish 4/4.

Hoisin prawn and noodle stir-fry, with bok choy and pepper

Tuesday:       Hoisin prawn and noodle stir-fry, with bok choy and pepper

I have to admit that while I’ve loved nearly every Asian-inspired meal from HelloFresh and particularly love noodles, this was bit disappointing. I personally don’t think the hoisin went with the prawns and found the sauce quite bland and underwhelming. I also think the prawns were a touch overcooked. Stir-fries are simple and ideal for when you want something quick and easy – but I think I could have made a better one from scratch.

I rated this dish 2/4.

Fruity Middle Eastern style lamb stew, with cous cous and dill yogurt

Wednesday:   Fruity Middle Eastern style lamb stew, with cous cous and dill yogurt

I made a bit of an error with this one, forgetting to stir some of the dill into the cous cous, so I had to go crazy with garnish to compensate, and add that lovely fresh flavour. But the stew itself was very flavoursome, and the dill yogurt made up from the lack of taste from the cous cous. It provided a quick midweek meal and is another that I would replicate from home. With more time on our hands, I would even trade out the mince for braised lamb chunks.

I rated this dish 3/4.

Caramelised onion sausages, with oven-baked tomato rice

Friday: Caramelised onion sausages, with oven-baked tomato rice

We went out for dinner on the Thursday, to The Greedy Italian, so Thursday’s dinner was pushed to Friday and it was a hit with all the family. I say that, but Alfie picked out the red pepper and green beans from his portion. I loved the texture of the baked rice – it was just so filling and warming. Again, it was something so simple, that I would never have thought of trying. And because the rice on its own was pretty substantial (even between three), sharing the four sausages between the three of us wasn’t an issue either.

I rated this dish 3/4.

Pork linguini, with courgettes

Saturday:      Pork linguini, with courgettes

Another meal I managed to stretch to three portions – and one that Alfie ate. I love adding grated veg to my pasta sauces, it’s the only way he’ll eat them, and we were able to tell him that that the pork mince was actually sausage – his favourite dinner is sausage pasta. Undoubtedly, I’ll be making this again, and it was another quick and simple suggestion – and one that stretched to three portions (with a side of garlic bread, of course).

I rated this dish 4/4.

A mixed bag in terms of my reviews and scores. But my dish of the week has gotta be those cauliflower nuggs, perfect for a meat-free meal… don’t worry guys, I won’t be swapping my fillet, for cauliflower steak anytime soon! I think I’ve got another three of these posts to fulfil, so keep an eye out for those. In the meantime, there’s a proper foodie adventure on Thursday!

Love, Lucy xx

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