Pre-lockdown family dinner at The Greedy Italian

Plate of chicken and mushroom rigatoni, with garlic bread
Of course, it had been ages since we’d been out for dinner as a family, but even longer since we had eaten at The Greedy Italian. During the first lockdown, their sister restaurant, The Greedy Pizza became our go-to for takeaway pizza (the XL pizzas are insane, btw – 23 slices, so last for a few days… well in our house anyway). But The Greedy Italian opened before lockdown2, and after a beautiful refurb.

We booked a table for 5:15pm, to coincide with Alfie’s dinner time. But they were running a deal for 25% off orders on Tuesday-Thursday for 5pm booking slots. When we arrived, the restaurant was fairly busy, with three other couples dining, and a family celebrating a birthday. But the tables were well-spaced out, we scanned the QR code at the entrance on arrival, and there was also hand sanitiser on the tables.

The same but different

So, while the décor had changed, I was pleased to see the menu was still the same, and the excellent service continued. I have always loved The Greedy Italian menu – it’s the perfect size. It’s not overly extensive but gives you enough options to try something new each time… although I’ve always stuck to the fish and seafood dishes!

The service is always exceptional too – you’re treated like a friend or family member, with proper Italian hospitality. Nothing is ever too much trouble, and the staff are so attentive to your needs – I remember a brunch with friends where this was particularly evident. Note to self: return for brunch soon! On this occasion, they were great with Alfie, who was getting bored and tired by the end, and also had a meltdown over going to the toilet.

But what a transformation! The bar has moved, meaning there’s more space. As well as bigger, the restaurant seemed a lot brighter – even on a dark October’s night. I loved the ivy and flowers that climbed across the wooden beams on the ceiling. And I’m sure the seating was different too – while I said it had been a while since our last visit, I don’t remember the lengthy booth-seating before. It was all just so beautiful and made even more seasonal with the slight nod to Halloween… Alfie loved the pumpkins!

Plate of linguini, served with fresh crabmeat on the side, and half-eaten garlic bread

Authentic Italian food

For the first time ever (at The Greedy Italian anyway!), I switched starter for dessert and went straight to the main course. Alfie always has the same – I say always, but the two occasions he’s been with us – the Spaghetti Ragu. You can order it with meatballs, but we went without. Slow braised beef, in a chianti, tomato and thyme ragu… delicious! Despite ordering a kids’ portion (and I can’t remember the discount offered for the smaller portions), there was loads of spaghetti. He gave it a good go, but also had some garlic bread and chips, so ended up leaving some.

I chose the Linguini con Granchio (crab linguini). The linguini was cooked with onions and peppers, in a chilli, garlic and tomato sauce, with the cold crabmeat served separately. I wasn’t expecting it in this way, hence the half-eaten garlic bread in the photo – but it was really delicious. While I ate it together, I didn’t actually mix the crab into the linguini, I wasn’t really sure what to do. The seafood dishes are always very good though, and my favourite is the Seafood Risotto.

Ash ordered the Rigatoni Funghi, Pollo e Chorizo, which looked great too. He decided on a side of chips, while I ordered the garlic bread (without mozzarella) with Alfie in mind. I don’t think he even ate a whole slice but loved the chips.

Plate of vanilla panna cotta, with raspberry sorbet and homemade cinder toffee
We all went for dessert too. Tiramisu for me, and It was the nicest tiramisu I’ve ever had. The portion was huge, so I struggled to eat it all, as it was getting richer. The coffee was strong, the sponge fingers so soft, and the mascarpone, cloud-like. I never have tiramisu, so it was such a treat, and I felt like I was indulging. No food envy on my part – even though Ash ordered panna cotta, which is one of my favourites. Alfie lucked out too – a scoop of white chocolate ice cream, served in the cutest teacup and topped with homemade cinder toffee. We all got to sample the honeycomb, which was incredible.

Booking isn’t currently available on the website, and I’ve not been able to find any indication of when they’ll re-open. But I believe The Greedy Pizza are still doing takeaways, including pasta dishes and Sunday roasts.

Love, Lucy xx

The Greedy Italian - 79 Victoria Road, Fenny Stratford, Milton Keynes MK2 2NZ
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