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I shared this mini make on my Instagram story and it got a really positive response, so I thought I’d share it on here too, with some other crafty ideas. I know for most kids it should be the Easter holidays, but obviously things aren’t fun at the moment. For those working mums (and dads), it’s probably hard to keep your kids entertained for long periods – and I feel you there! I’ve made a weekly plan for Alfie to continue his learning and development while he’s not at nursery – and this week is Easter week. I I love nothing more than crafting and other activities and I know we will be doing many of the things I list later on in this post. But let’s begin with the main event – stick puppets!

You will need:
·         Easter printables – there are plenty of free resources available, but you may need to sign up to a website to be able to access them. I printed two sheets of each to create double-sided sticks
·         Colouring tools of your choice – I used colouring pencils, but you could use felt tip pens, crayons or even paint
·         Laminator and laminating sheets – optional, but I have intentions of using these yearly, so it will help with wear and tear
·         Lolly sticks – you can just use ordinary ice cream sticks if you have them lying around. I bought these colourful ones from The Works.
·         PVA glue for sticking – or a glue gun, if you have one, it would probably work better

Let’s get making:
·         Colour in your printables. As I did mine double-sided, I coloured both sides the same, but you can colour yours however you like
·         If laminating, use one sheet of paper per wallet and laminate on the hot setting, according to the instructions
·         Cut the shapes out and if double-siding, pair up
·         Glue the stick to the back of the shape. If making double-sided, glue the back of the second shape and press down to stick together. I used clothes pegs to secure my shapes either side of the lolly stick. Leave to dry

These are such a fab little make and I’ve decided I’ll be putting mine out in the garden for our Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday. They will make the garden look so colourful. But they would also be perfect for decorating Easter tables, buffets or even decorating your house. You could of course, turn it into a puppet show, with sheep, chicks, bunnies, carrots, eggs and so much more...

Here are some other ideas of makes we will be trying this week:
·         Textured pictures (think chicks using feathers or spaghetti, and bunnies using cotton wool)
·         Easter cards, using pompoms (inspired by the Asda Good Living magazine)
·         Mini eggs biscuits, and (standard) shredded wheat nests
·         Decorating eggs – whether that’s painting hard-boiled eggs, or making collages with different materials
·         Stickers – you can’t go wrong with stickers... Alfie loves them!

Hopefully I’ve inspired you and put an end to some of your isolation boredom. I must be the only one who isn’t bored at the moment, but I’m lucky to still be working 9-5, and having a two-year-old is quite demanding/time consuming too! But have a lovely Easter weekend – if you have a garden, make the most of it – and most importantly, stay safe!

Love, Lucy xx

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