All the (needed) carbs at Brasserie du Cercle, Luxembourg

After spending most of the morning hideously hungover, and the afternoon walking for miles, an early dinner was definitely needed! We returned to the trusty Place d’Armes, because there was plenty of choice in the area, and a lot of traditional/brasserie-style restaurants. We were hoping to go to a place that specialised in fondue, but it was closed for refurbishment. But we had walked past Brasserie du Cercle on the first day and the menu looked reasonable, so we decided to venture inside.

The bar area seemed strictly for drinks, so we were led into the dining area, which was quite small. Booth seating lined either side of the wall, while double doors at the very end led to the kitchen. They were mirrored so not only did it make the dining room look bigger, it also looked busier, with the reflections of the people sitting closest to the doors. The decor was quite homely with plenty of framed artwork, and on the wall directly opposite to where I was facing was a plasma screen with a fire graphic. It felt like it was giving off warmth too – perfect for what had been a chilly day. Despite being before 6pm, most diners were having early dinners, although the neighbouring tables had come in just to eat dessert.

I wish I’d had room, because everything looked and smelt amazing. The table next to us shared an apple strudel with ice cream and the smell of sweet pastry and cinnamon was just heavenly. There was an extended ice cream menu, as well as crepes and I think waffles, available too. I definitely missed out there...
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I wasn’t feeling overly hungry and while I wanted to be adventurous and try some traditional food (well something more exciting than a quiche Lorraine), some of the dishes just sounded a bit weird after they had been translated into English – I’m sure they were delicious! I could have said quiche, or even a rosti with bacon, cheese and egg, but I decided to play it safe and go with a pizza. I totally underestimated its size. I chose the pizza du chef, which was topped with ham, mushrooms and mozzarella, as well as cherry tomatoes, rocket, parmesan shavings and garlic oil. It was so good – a thin base, but thick crust and plenty of toppings. The brasserie must have a pizza oven and it was cooked to perfection. I managed to give it a good go, and eat over half, but I was disappointed with my efforts and it looked as though I hadn’t enjoyed it, when really I had.
Brasserie du Cercle, Luxembourg City, Restaurant, French, Tarte Flambee,
Ash chose the tarte flambée gratinée (also known by the German name, flammkuchen). He was expecting it to be more like a tart or quiche, but the base was actually made from dough, so it resembled more of a pizza. Traditionally, the tart has a crème fraiche base with red onions and bacon lardons, with the gratinée element, gruyere cheese. This particular variety also had sliced potatoes on top. He enjoyed it regardless, managing to eat it all – again, the portions were huge – and even had some room to try some of my pizza. I wish I had been able to try the tart, as it looked so good – and had I known what it actually was, I’d have been inclined to order it myself.

Despite not having room for one of the delicious desserts, we stayed for a coffee before settling up and returning to the hotel for the evening – where we watched a film and did some crosswords. The joys of being toddler-free!

Love, Lucy xx

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