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Another capital city ticked off the list. For our birthdays, we spent two nights in Luxembourg. Staying in the area of Limpertsberg (at the Best Western Plus), which was a 20-minute walk from central Luxembourg City, we managed to cram so much in – not least, all the walking! Across three days, we walked nearly 30km! Here are just some of the highlights from our long weekend.
Luxembourg, Luxembourg City, Travel, Bridge,
Luxembourg, Luxembourg City, Travel, Bridge,
We saw both bridges – old and new. The old bridge is also known as the Passerelle and it was unfortunately, covered in scaffolding, so hard to get a decent photo. We virtually walked to it, paying caution to the signs which read ‘at your peril’ and while we didn’t walk over the top of it, we were still pretty high. The views were amazing. The new bridge is the Pont Adolphe and its one of the main tourist attractions – again, well worth taking photos of. The landscapes are really up-and-down – and it felt like we had climbed endless flights of stairs.
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The buildings were so beautiful, particularly the lines of pretty pastels colours, all in a row. The architecture kinda reminded me of the styles of buildings in both Prague and Budapest – the defined grey slate roofs and dolls’ house style windows. I could have honestly spent hours just admiring all the buildings, as well as the views. I’m not sure what I was really expecting, but it didn’t really remind me of France or Germany, despite its landlocked borders. I guess the nearest comparisons could be made with Belgium.

We visited two museums during our stay. The Museum of Modern Art (8€ admission for an adult) was particularly fun. Most of the exhibits were dedicated to American artist David Wojnarowicz, who was interesting to say the least. His life story is quite harrowing, and that is portrayed in his art. As well as his paintings and photographs, there were films too, not only about his life, but ones he filmed too. I keep meaning to watch the films in full.
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‘The Last Resort’ by Anri Sala was incredible. The drums hung from the roof of the conservatory, so the acoustics were amazing – and they interpreted Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto. It was just a beautiful large open, light space. Somewhere you could sit and daydream, or read a book – as we saw some people doing. The installation was just so moving, giving you a chance to reflect. It’s a temporary display, housed at the MUDAM until April 13th.
Luxembourg, Luxembourg City, Travel, MUDAM, Museum,
The ‘Worlds in Motion’ exhibit is also being housed for the same time. It was all about perception, illusion and of course, motion. There were plenty of kinetic experiments to watch, some using geometric shapes, others music or sound, or even light.

We also visited the Luxembourg City Museum, although I didn’t take any photos. Admission is 5€ for an adult and the museum is housed on five floors, so there’s plenty to see. There are plenty of interactive displays and elements too, so it’s not just exhibits and things to read. Kids will particularly love the Schueberfouer exhibition, which is on either one or two floors (I can’t remember). It’s dedicated to the fun fair, which was established in 1340. It was particularly interesting reading about the history and how it’s developed into what it is today. Reading stories and memories from staff that work at the fair, seeing how rides have developed over the year, and the best part, smelling all the scents associated with a fair... well the candy floss and caramelised nuts were great, the petrol/oil and sausage, not so much!
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We didn’t go inside Fort Th√ľngen, which is situated next to the MUDAM, but was still worth a photograph. I wish we had gone inside, as I’ve since read it houses a museum. Most of the fort was demolished in the late 1800s, but the three turrets managed to remain, which is what can be seen today.

What are your Luxembourg recommendations?

Love, Lucy xx

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