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It’s been a year I believe since I posted a home/interiors update and the last room to be redecorated was our bedroom. It was a pretty big project, with everything changing – including the wardrobe – but it was oh-so worth it. Believe it or not, we both agreed on the soft pink and while I was happy with grey curtains, to make it a little less feminine, Ash suggested the pink. I do love them though – and they’re velvet. Grab a cuppa, or a wine, and I’ll show you around!
The wardrobe has always been an alcove, but when we moved in, it had mirrored sliding doors. We bought one of those cube storage units from Ikea to begin with, but realised we weren’t fully utilising the space – the clothes rail came down quite low, not giving us many options in terms of storage above. Ash decided to gut it out and start again. He moved the rail higher up and added a shelf along the top. He then built the square storage unit below, inspired by the Ikea one and we kept a couple of our storage boxes. Either end on both of our ‘sides’ are a couple of shelves to rest items such as folded jumpers. We decided against putting the doors back on and instead installed a light along the top. This definitely utilises the space a lot better. Oh and btw, the beautiful coat hangers are Laura Ashley, but from TK Maxx – I bought 100!
Ash bought me my dressing table for Christmas, our first Christmas in our new home. It came with the mirror and stool, but he recently added the strip of vanity lights. Those dark mornings and energy-saving bulbs meant it was a mission to do my makeup in decent lighting – thankfully those times are now over. But the lights have different ‘colour’ settings and can also be dimmed, or brightened. I keep telling myself that one day the table will be tidy, but I seem to have far too many products. My perfume collection seems to be diminishing though.

Even though we share the chest of drawers (another Ikea purchase), the top seems to be covered in all my stuff. Again, this is the tidiest it is likely to get. But everything is organised – the baskets/boxes were all gifted and each contains something different: skincare/haircare, nails and jewellery. I guess you can call it organised chaos, seeing as I know where everything is... like I say, I have too much stuff!
I also wanted to quickly mention the beautiful wedding fund jar from my mum – a bargain from a charity shop in Shenfield! Oh, and the LOVE framed print, from Ivy Joan. I couldn’t remember whether I bought it at the Suffolk Blogger Meet several years ago, or bought it online – but do check out the website, there are some wonderful little finds on there, perfect for gifting! I do love having prints/frames and candles everywhere – it just makes a room feel more homely.
I have always longed to have one of Esther’s origami lampshades in my home, and we were originally considering a small one for a desk lamp in our study/spare room. But Ash surprised me and bought a full-sized one in grey. Such a thoughtful gift and it goes beautifully in the room, especially with the colour scheme. Est even added a mini accordion in the order as a gift – you may have seen it hanging up on my dressing table. The star in the doorway was something I made at one of Est’s workshops. Despite being Christmassy, I think it looks nice all year round, again goes with the colour scheme and just makes our room unique. Origami decorations are just the cutest and I’m hoping we can make some bouquets of paper flowers to put in a vase soon.

It was a quick tour, but like I say, I hadn’t posted anything home-related for a while. Our current project is the garden, and Ash is repaving the patio. Now the weather is nicer and we are stuck in lockdown, it will be great to get it finished to enjoy the back garden to its full potential. It won’t be long before barbecue season...

What do you think of the room?

Love, Lucy xx

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Love, Lucy xx

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