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I got a really good response to my ‘Introduction to Hello Fresh’ post, so thought I would share our second box. I gave out all but one free box codes, but I now have another four up for grabs (I need a name and email address) and many of you have also redeemed the £20 off your first box offer. I have unlimited codes, so if you are interested, please enter: HS-8D719Y9EE when asked to do so.

After the previous mix-up, I was pleased to see five correct recipe cards and matching meals bags in the box. As we were going away for New Year, we had our first meal on the Sunday, missing out Tuesday, but still having our last one on the Friday. But everything stayed fresh throughout the week, including the herbs – although I do have four packets of coriander in my freezer now! We tried five new dishes this week and in subsequent weeks, I’ve seen some duplicates... but no matter how much I’ve loved a meal, I want to try as many different things as possible. So what did I cook this week?
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Sunday:       Crispy skin chicken breast with mushroom vin sauce, roasted carrots & garlic mash
Perfect for a Sunday dinner – as it was like having a fancy roast. I managed to share the two chicken breasts between the three of us, so Alfie could eat with us. He loved the chicken and garlic mash, which he called “delicious” – but wouldn’t eat the carrots (standard). I often roast my root veg with honey and thyme so this wasn’t too dissimilar. I would never have thought to put garlic in my mash, but it was good. The chicken skin was so crispy too!
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Monday:      Mexican style beef with crispy potato top and guacamole
The best way to describe this would be a Mexican cottage pie or maybe even a hot pot. The beef mixture was so flavoursome, but not too spicy. I loved the mixture of textures – crispy potatoes topped with oozing melted cheese, chunky guacamole and silky sour cream. Despite serving large portions, I managed to save enough for Ash to have lunchtime leftovers.
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Wednesday:          Speedy sweetcorn & chorizo pasta
I was really looking forward to this dish and was left quite disappointed. I thought you couldn’t really go wrong with pasta, but it turns out, you can. I personally wasn’t keen on the toasted sweetcorn, it gave it a rather strange texture. I also didn’t like the sauce. Overall, it was too spicy and too salty (I rarely use salt in cooking – something I’ve done long before having Alfie and worrying about his salt/sugar intake). Alfie said “I don’t like it” and managed to just eat the pasta and leave all the other bits in his bowl, while Ash said “it wasn’t the best”. On the app, you can rate your menus and give feedback and this recipe received my lowest rating of two out of four – bringing my average rating down to 3.6 (I think I voted everything else 4/4).
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Thursday:    Chicken & chorizo rice with cherry tomatoes and peppers
At a first glance, this looked and sounded like a knock-off paella, made with basmati rice and missing paprika and saffron! But I was pleasantly surprised. The rice stuck to the bottom of my Le Creuset dish, forming a crust like a paella. The chorizo added colour, and a spicy smokiness which was beautiful. It was really tasty and while I stretched the recipe to three as mum was here, I could have definitely eaten more – we were back with a banger.
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Friday:         Asian style meatballs with sticky noodles and peanuts
You can’t beat a Fakeaway Friday and I’ve definitely saved the best ‘til last here. It was my favourite dish of the week, so flavoursome and probably made better by the lack of Chinese/Pan-Asian food we have at home. The meatballs were juicy, but the real highlight was the gorgeous sauce of soy, garlic, lime and ketjap manis... oh, and the chopped coriander and crushed peanut garnish! The sauce stuck to the noodles so they were indeed, sticky. I just think I could have done with more meat, or maybe ground mince would work better than meatballs.

We have now also finished our third box of four, so I’ll be blogging about that soon. In the meantime, the veggie chilli from box one was so good, I made it again – and truth be told, it tasted even better this time (even if I forgot the lime zest for the sour cream and forgot to garnish with coriander).

Bon appétit!

Love, Lucy xx

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