Recipe | Blackberry brioche pudding

Pudding, Brioche, Christmas,
Pudding, Brioche, Christmas,
Everyone knows I’m a pudding person – making them and eating them – and I came across this recipe in the Tesco magazine (which my local store never seems to stock anymore). It was being marketed as a festive family brunch dish, but I decided to make this for our dessert on Christmas Day. My family don’t mind Christmas pudding, but I’d happily forgo it for something else (unless there are lashings of brandy sauce involved). Everyone commented on how delicious it was and while even I couldn’t have eaten it first thing in the morning, it was delicious cold the next day without the yogurt – and eaten with fingers!

This recipe serves 8.

For the pudding:
·         Butter, for greasing
·         6 eggs
·         240ml milk
·         120ml Elmlea double light
·         1 tsp cinnamon
·         1 tsp vanilla extract
·         200g blackcurrant jam
·         400g brioche, cut into 16 slices
·         100g blackberries
·         1 tbsp Demerara/caster sugar
For the yogurt:
·         2 tbs lemon curd
·         250g fat-free Greek yogurt

·         Grease a baking dish (recommended size: 19x25cm; I have no idea what I used, other than knowing it was a Pyrex dish)
·         In a large bowl, whisk the eggs, milk, Elmlea, cinnamon and vanilla extract
·         Spread jam on each slice of brioche and stick two jammed sides together to create eight sandwiches
·         Dip each sandwich in the eggy mixture, ensuring the slices are completely covered. Arrange in the dish, layering to ensure each sandwich overlaps slightly
·         Pour over any excess eggy mixture and cover with tin foil/cling film. Leave to chill in the refrigerator, for a minimum of two hours (but ideally overnight)
·         When you’re ready to cook: pre-heat the oven to gas mark 6, 200C or 180C fan
·         Uncover the pudding and scatter over the blackberries, pressing them into the brioche. Sprinkle over the sugar and recover with tin foil
·         Bake for 20 minutes; uncover and continue to bake for 25 minutes
·         Stir the lemon curd into the yogurt
·         Dust with icing sugar (optional) and cut the brioche into squares. Serve with the lemony yogurt

As a lover of bread and butter pudding, this was a great festive-inspired dessert. You could easily change the flavours too, using cranberries and orange for another Christmassy twist. I’m already planning on making this again using almonds and raspberries for a take on the classic Bakewell tart. Raspberry and peach would be perfect for spring/summer, maybe as a light pudding at a barbecue.

Please let me know if you try this recipe or any of my others. If youre sharing on Instagram, use the hashtag #LoveLucyRecipe so I can take a look at your creations.

Love, Lucy xx 

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