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In my last post, I wrote about the unmitigated disaster which was Tring Park Festival of Lights in the pouring rain. I also mentioned that I booked a table for dinner and we ate at The Akeman. It’s part of the Oakman Inn chain and a really beautiful Victorian building, which has managed to retain many of its original features.

I had no idea how long our walk would take, or realise we’d be able to start it earlier than our allotted time, so I booked a table for 6:15pm. We actually arrived before 5:30pm, but thankfully there was a table ready and we were able to sit down and start reading the menu. We walked past the bar area which was large and then past the open kitchen, which was great. We were in full view of the chefs at work and the large draw was the pizza oven. At that point, I was definitely sold – I was ordering pizza!
The Akeman, Tring, Herts, Cocktail, Rhubarb & Custard,
But first, refreshments! I ordered a rhubarb & custard cocktail, which strangely tasted exactly like the classic sweet shop favourite. Rhubarb & ginger gin, vanilla vodka, apple juice and lime juice with a dusting of cinnamon. I could have easily ordered more than one – it was delicious and went down too easily.
The Akeman, Tring, Herts, Quattro Stagioni, Pizza,
There were some really great specials on the board, including a venison steak and a guinea fowl cassoulet. But I stuck with my guns and went for pizza. I wasn’t disappointed. I chose the Quattro stagioni, which consisted of quadrants of pancetta, mixed mushrooms, olives and artichokes. I’m not usually a fan of olives, but mixed with the topping, they were fine. Artichokes are definitely underrated as a vegetable and I didn’t know how they’d be on a pizza, but I was really pleased with my choice. There was some slight charring to the crust, but that was to be expected and it wasn’t unpalatable, adding to the smokiness of the tomato passata. I would definitely return for pizzas alone.

I meant to order a side of fries but completely forgot, as I was too busy ordering for Alfie too. He had his favourite: sausage, chips and beans. So I shared his chips, which was just enough for the both of us. His meal should have come with peas, but I swapped them for beans as he prefers them and he still received a pot of gravy.
The Akeman, Tring, Herts, Burger & Fries,
Ash ordered the bacon and cheese house burger – a steak burger, topped with cheddar and smoked bacon, dill pickle, gem lettuce, tomato, red onion marmalade and ketchup & mustard mayo. It was pretty big. He said it was alright, but not as good as my homemade burgers I made recently, stuffed with mozzarella – high praise indeed. It wasn’t particularly hot when it arrived at the table either.

The only disappointment was the service. It started so well and I was really pleased that we were able to be seated so much earlier than our booking. Our waitress took our drinks order promptly, before returning to take our food order. But after that, it all went a bit downhill. A different member of staff brought our food over, while a third asked if everything was okay. A fourth asked if we wanted dessert after our plates were cleared but after 15 minutes of waiting for the menus to arrive, we decided to get the bill, as Alfie was starting to get restless. There was a large surprise party around the corner, so I totally understand that they probably got preferential treatment – but I was so looking forward to sharing a portion of churros with Alfie. He loved them in Madrid.

Like I say, I would return – there are more pizzas to eat and cocktails to sample, although I’d probably go for that rhubarb & custard one again. There’s a decent breakfast/brunch menu too, so a visit in the spring might have to be a must. Brunch followed by walking off around Tring Park sounds ideal.

Love, Lucy xx

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