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Subscription boxes... I’ve had them all over the years: food & drink, stationery, beauty boxes. But none as exciting as Sweet Mail. It’s no secret that I have a sweet tooth, but I absolutely love imported candy too (and drinks, snacks and whatever I can get my hands on for that matter... Candy Hero is normally my go-to). So when I saw Sweet Mail advertised on @thelifeofpye_ I just couldn’t resist and signed up immediately. I chose the three month box, thinking it was for three consecutive months, but the customer portal says my subscription ends in February 2020, so I can only assume it’s three boxes over the course of the year (so every four months)? I hope it isn’t because I can’t wait that long! So let’s take a look at what I received in my first box.
Sweet Mail, Subscription, Letterbox, Sweets, Chocolate, Imported,
Love Hearts are so nostalgic and always remind me of 90s party bags or Halloween. These American ones tasted slightly different to the ones we get over here, in terms of flavour and texture. They were certainly more crumbly and had more of a fruit flavour, rather than sherbet. I can’t quite put my finger on it and not sure if I liked them. Am I the only one who thinks the messages have become more cringe over the years and they’ve not really changed with the times? Oh and don’t get me started on the emoji ones!

Another 90s favourite now and were you even a 90s kid if you didn’t buy Nerds or Dweebs from your corner shop? I loved this small ‘trial’ pack of Nerds which came in the flavour lemonade wild cherry. I couldn’t help but pour the whole box in my mouth at once and crunch away. They certainly reminded me of my childhood.

Covered in dark chocolate instead of milk, the Milkyway Midnight Dark wasn’t as sweet as the original – even with the layer of caramel between the chocolate and whipped white (is it mallow? Is it nougat? Is it something else? Who knows but it’s so moreish). I certainly wouldn’t begrudge original Milkyways covered in dark chocolate, instead. The size of the bar was pretty big and was bigger than a Milkyway Duo, so I’m very surprised I managed to eat it all in one go.

I’d heard of Swedish Fish but didn’t really know what they were and had certainly never tried them before – wow! I’m still completely clueless as to what flavour they were; think red wine gums with additional berry goodness. The little chewy sweets are fish-shaped (obviously) and have Swedish embossed across their bodies. They really were delicious, so juicy and fruity and just lush.

Mini Laffy Taffy bars are divine – but I really wasn’t keen on this version and I don’t know whether this one arrived in bad condition or this is genuinely what they are like. Issue one: trying to get the bar out of the packaging, as it was completely stuck and I had to end up eating the bar and spitting the plastic wrapping out. Issue two: the bar was so greasy, in my hands and in my mouth. It just wasn’t pleasant. Issue three: it was consequently so sticky and I found bits stuck to my fingers/clothes/hair. Yuck. The cherry flavour was nice enough and the sugar crystals added the sparkle element (the flavour was cherry sparkle). It kinda reminded me of a Wham! Bar, just nowhere near as good.

Skittles are always a winner in my book and are pretty underrated when it comes to sweets. Side note: who remembers the mint version in the cardboard box (the thought of it sidetracked me, but made my heart happy)? Whether it’s original, or sour, or confused, or wild berry, you just cannot go wrong with Skittles. This American Mix typically had skittles in red, white and blue, to mirror the colours of the USA flag. The flavours were wild berry (light blue), blackberry (dark blue), strawberry (light red), raspberry (dark red) and yumberry (white). The strawberry ones were exactly the same as I’m accustomed to and forever my favourite, so I was pleased about that; however, the yumberry ones were interesting. I can’t even describe what they tasted like and I have no idea what a yumberry is, if it’s even a thing! This mix was pretty decent, but in my opinion, Skittles could never do wrong.

The Baby Ruth bar was another new one for me. Containing nougat, peanuts and caramel, covered in chocolate, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was just a Snickers in disguise. But it doesn’t taste like a Snickers at all. It isn’t as sweet and doesn’t have that rich roasted peanut flavour. In fact, I don’t think there’s any chocolate bar in the UK that I could compare this too. It’s not really anything like a Topic either. It was nice enough, although it would have tasted better had it been sat in the fridge – the chocolate had that texture as if it was either starting to melt, or had re-solidified.

On the whole, I was impressed with the box. I used a discount code to receive three boxes for £14.49 (usual price: £28.99). As an FYI, the three month box works out at better value as monthly boxes are £9.99 each. I was pleased with how the box was packaged and it’s obviously a bonus having it delivered through the letterbox. If you’d like to subscribe, enter code SWEET10 to receive 10% off your box. I cannot wait to see what’s in my next box – would you like me to share it?

Love, Lucy xx

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  1. Oooo this sounds like a really cool concept! I like that you get to try something you wouldn't normally be able to try too :)


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