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It’s been over a year since I posted Alfie’s room and it got such a good reception, it’s about time I shared another home post with you. This time it’s our spare room/office. So why is it a spare room and office? Well obviously we needed a spare room, somewhere we could have friends up for the night and somewhere for my mum to stay when she looks after Alfie (no more air bed on the living room floor!). But when I was looking for a job, I toyed with the idea of working from home, whether it was in travel or something content/marketing based. Thankfully in my current job, there is the flexibility to work from home, so at least I can take advantage of this cosy corner. I use the space for blogging too, just because it allows me to concentrate and focus.
Home, Personal, Lifestyle,Decor, Interior Design
Print: Displate
Sofa bed: IKEA
Cushions: Dunelm

We have a feature wall! I love the contrast between the dark blue and light grey which graces the other three walls. But mostly, I love how the colour makes my print pop. This was a Christmas present from Ash and because it’s so thin (it’s printed on a piece of steel), it looks as though it’s actually been painted straight on to the wall. Displate have so many cool products on their website and are worth checking out!

As I mentioned, we aren’t blessed with space, so when the sofa bed pulls out, there’s barely any room either side, or at the end of the bed. Thankfully, it pulls out without obstructing the desk, but I don’t think we realised the dimensions of everything when organising the room and buying furniture. The sofa bed does the job and is so comfortable – when it’s a sofa and when it’s a bed.
Home, Personal, Lifestyle,Decor, Interior Design
Bookcase: The Cotswold Co

We ordered the bookcase once we had our desk delivered and chose it because it matched. Unfortunately, it’s quite cramped in the corner, so it’s difficult to get items on and off the shelves. I didn’t realise it was only 4ft, and it’s a shame it isn’t bigger (or have more shelves). The majority of my books are still at mum’s and when I finally transport them over, there will be nowhere to store them!
Home, Personal, Lifestyle,Decor, Interior Design
Desk: The Cotswold Co (no longer available)
Shelves: handmade
Chair: Lloyd Loom
Cushion: Laura Ashley (no longer available)

The desk is very much the focal point of the room, due to its size – but it is lovely and so sturdy too. The drawers are all a reasonable size, with the left hand side dedicated to one big drawer with shelving and the right hand side consisting of three drawers, the bottom one a double drawer. It’s ideal for when I need to blog, or Ash comes home and has admin to do. I’ll briefly mention the printer, which is a HP Envy Photo 6234 and it’s on HP’s printing plan which is amazing. We got 12 months of free ink and then will go on to pay £1.99 a month to print up to 50 sheets (which can be rolled over) and then HP will send us more ink cartridges when our ink runs out!

Ash built the shelves to house our (read: my) DVDs. I had about eight boxes of 36 which I kept under my bed at mum’s, but needed somewhere to keep them here – somewhere out of the way of Alfie, who loves to chew the boxes and open the cases to remove the sleeves. I love that they are out of the way on the shelves and they look pretty professional too! We do need one more shelf at the top and then it’s all complete. I think eventually, we plan on moving the TV from the living room upstairs, so we have somewhere else to relax.
Home, Personal, Lifestyle,Decor, Interior Design
But most of all, I love our achievements wall with our graduation certificates and photos. At my childhood home, my parents had their framed photos and certificates on the wall in the office and I think it’s such a lovely touch. A couple of the photos got damaged when the desk was delivered, because they were all on the stairs before – but I think they look loads better in the office. And it means we can dedicate our stairs to Mixtiles!

What do you make of the room?

Love, Lucy xx

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