Alfie’s First Birthday

A week and a half ago was Alfie’s birthday and I still can’t believe it, if I’m honest... he’s growing up so quickly! A year ago today (at the time of writing – this should have gone live last week, but we were all struck down with a bug), we were allowed to leave the hospital and come home! And home was my childhood home in Essex. Time really does fly!

We planned a party at home with family, neighbours and close friends (and by close, my criteria was (1) have you actually met Alfie? and (2) have you been to our house?) – and I think we had around 25 attendees. We did everything ourselves, from the decor and the food to the cake and the party bags. Ashley was in charge of five different sandwich fillings; I spent the night before making fruit skewers and the morning preparing crudités. I also made the birthday cake: a simple Victoria sponge, which proved a massive hit with our guests! We even bulk-bought pick n mix and created little party bags in traditional striped bags and finished off with ‘thank you for coming to my 1st party’ stickers (not for the babies, obv).

The birthday boy was treated to a breakfast of scotch pancakes with Nutella and strawberries (the first and only time he’s had chocolate), before opening a couple of cards and presents. We bought him a Real Madrid kit, a framed print and some other clothes, as well as putting some money in his bank account. In terms of his birthday outfit, I had decided in advance that he wear his gorgeous baby Ralph Lauren shirt with the lizard print... I told Alfie he must look his best on his birthday, as he’s the star of the show! I always wore my best party dresses on my birthday... a tradition that must be up kept!

The party wasn’t until the middle of the afternoon and thankfully the weather was lovely, so we could open the back doors and everyone could go outside. Our downstairs is pretty much open plan anyway, so we had the doors between the living room and dining area open too. It gave everyone a chance to mingle and help themselves to food and drink. I have to say that there was a really good turnout (some of my friends even turned up after having said they may not be able to make it) and the food went surprisingly quickly.

We opened presents once everyone had gone home (again another tradition of mine) and Alfie got some really lovely things. I won't list everything but he got some really great toys including a Paw Patrol ride-on, a light up guitar, a JCB with building blocks and some pull-back cars. He also got some new clothes (much-needed, of course): a smart shirt with braces, a t-shirt, a couple of long-sleeved tops and pairs of trousers and two dressing gowns! There was the usual money/vouchers and a selection of new books.

Despite my stresses in the lead up to the Sunday, a good time was had by all and while Alfie was massively overwhelmed and tired (he had napped for a grand total of 25 minutes over the weekend), it’s clear that he’s very loved. He’ll be able to look back on the day in his baby book and I’m also going to print a photo book for him.

Love, Lucy xx

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