Weaning Made Easy with Baby Wings

Baby, Weaning, Parenting, Mum Bloggers, Baby Wings,
Baby, Weaning, Parenting, Mum Bloggers, Baby Wings, Baby, Weaning, Parenting, Mum Bloggers, Baby Wings,
Weaning is hard work. We started weaning Alfie before six months as he was always hungry. His first meal was an Ella’s Kitchen apple puree pouch at Ashley’s grandparents’ house – but I do try and give him as much homemade food as possible. But yeah, it’s hard. First, you have the whole baby-led weaning v spoon-fed or traditional weaning debate; then there’s the rejection of food and fussiness; the constant mess and need for cleaning up; and don’t get me started on the umpteen pots/lids/bowls/spoons that need washing and putting away each day! Thankfully, Baby Wings have made things that bit easier with their Mash n Stash Weaning Pots*.

Made from 100% silicone, the tray consists of 10 pots, each holding 60ml/2oz portions. Once you’ve filled your pots, the lid simply sticks on and clamps in place with clips, making it mess-free and preventing freezer burns. The tray can then be stored in the freezer and the food simply pops out, ready for when you want to defrost it. Remarkably, the trays are oven-proof and can withstand temperatures of up to 218C; alternatively, they can be put in the microwave. The tray and lid are very easy-to-clean, but if unlike us, you have the ease of a dishwasher, they are also dishwasher safe and can be stored on the top rack.

I personally loved the tray straight away – as it was so easy to use and because I generally batch cook meals (or give Alfie our leftovers when they are baby-friendly). With the 10 slots, I could easily store several days’ worth of meals in advance. Pictured are three portions of chilli con avocado with sweet potato mash and two servings of apple & banana puree – and I still have two pots left to fill! Alfie is on 100-125g of food, so I could give him two pots each day and have enough to last all week!

Within the packaging were three recipes and each makes a whole tray worth of puree. The recipes were aimed at those starting to wean, but more recipes are available on the website. That said, I definitely want to try him on the Hawaiian Papaya Punch – it sounds lush!

I’m really pleased with the overall quality of the product and knowing it doesn’t contain fillers or toxins that could be potentially harmful to my baby, obviously gives me that peace of mind. I was using plastic pots with lids before and having them in the microwave/fridge/freezer ruins their shape and leaves them scratched and cloudy – the Mash n Stash Weaning Pots are durable and to be honest, I’m a lover of silicone utensils in the kitchen, so it’s a win-win situation! The pots are not only for storing homemade baby food – you could use them to store breast milk, smoothies or juices. It’s such a fantastic functional product!

I’m off to get Alfie’s dinner out of the freezer for tomorrow, but in the meantime, you can check out Baby Wings on Amazon, where their store houses some wonderful products including bucket bibs and for those on dummies, cases and clips.

Love, Lucy xx

*Baby Wings sent me the Mash n Stash Weaning Pots FOC for review purposes but images and opinions are 100% my own.

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