A romantic evening for two at The Springhead, Weymouth

Dining, Pub, Restaurant, Review, The Springhead, Weymouth, Dorset, Food Bloggers,
Dining, Pub, Restaurant, Review, The Springhead, Weymouth, Dorset, Food Bloggers,
The highlight of our week away, in my opinion, was undoubtedly dinner at The Springhead. Not only was it the nicest place we went to all week, but it was the best meal I’d had in ages; Alfie slept in his buggy most of the evening; and we actually got dressed up! It was just so good to go out for a meal – one of my favourite things to do (I really miss going to fancy places!) – and feel like a couple again, rather than just parents.

The Springhead is a proper country pub, in the village of Sutton Poyntz. Right next to a river and duck pond, there’s a beautiful and extensive beer garden – but it was inside for us! It was equally as beautiful inside though; think wooden beams, fairy lights and wonderful cubby holes for that intimate dining experience. Thankfully for us, there was room for the buggy and although the tables around us were occupied, I felt well out of the way, in case Alfie had an outburst.

We ordered drinks at the bar – a pint for Ash and glass of rosé for me – and it wasn’t long before our table was ready... of course, we weren’t in any hurry! Our waitress explained a number of the dishes, as well as mentioning which had already sold out – she was very helpful. The menu wasn’t too big, but took advantage of fresh, local produce. I was immediately drawn to a dish from the specials – and I am so glad I went with my instinct, as it really was incredible. Salads are generally boring, but this was anything but! Pan-fried sea bass on a bed of salad leaves, samphire, grated courgette and peas, with a garlic/herb-infused oil dressing (which wasn’t too overpowering!). I can’t think what else was in it, as it was so long ago, but it was surprisingly filling!
Dining, Pub, Restaurant, Review, The Springhead, Weymouth, Dorset, Food Bloggers,
Dining, Pub, Restaurant, Review, The Springhead, Weymouth, Dorset, Food Bloggers,Ash committed full carbocide, opting for the luxurious crab n mac, alongside a side of skinny fries. I tried some of his meal and wow! Macaroni cheese is the ultimate comfort food and perfect when you just want a bit of stodge. But the addition of fresh crabmeat knocked it up a level or two! I’d even go as far as saying it was nicer than Big Easy’s lobster mac n cheese! Had my salad not been so amazing, I’d have definitely had food envy and possibly sulked all evening! We didn’t really need the fries and didn’t eat that many – they were still okay, not too greasy and well-seasoned.

Feeling suitably full, we decided to take a look at the dessert menu, but nothing really caught my eye. Instead, I pushed to the boat out and ordered an espresso martini; Ash just had a coffee. Now I really hate moaning, but this is where the evening took a slight turn:
1) Alfie woke up and cried his little lungs out... not even nursery rhymes in the toilets while I changed his nappy helped. I had to stand up to drink my cocktail while trying to sooth him.
2) The bartender, who until this point had been friendly and efficient, complained – not once, but twice – about making my espresso martini. I don’t think his complaints were meant to be within earshot, but we both heard... whoops!

Our meal came in at around £50, which I thought was reasonable, given the quality of the ingredients, as well as the alcohol. I would definitely return to The Springhead if in the area and recommend it if you’re staying in Weymouth, particularly in Preston. We even had a lovely leisurely walk back – and Alfie was awake to see the ducks and pastel-coloured houses!

Love, Lucy xx

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