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Sunday 24 June 2018

With a rare free weekend, Ashley decided we should have a beach day trip – Alfie’s first! Living practically in the middle of the country, a visit to any kind of coastline requires a road trip and after some research and looking at maps, we were heading back to Essex *woop woop*. We decided on Frinton, which I’m sure I’d been to as a child – but couldn’t remember.

It took two hours to get there and with England playing Panama at lunch time, we found a pub straight away: The Essex Skipper. Now from the outside, it looked a bit of a dive, but inside it was lovely. Not only were the staff friendly, but the people were too – and one girl (also with a baby) invited me onto her table and we got chatting while the men got the drinks in and watched the match! Of course, with me, incident is never far away and we had to leave rather abruptly (with a full glass of rosé on the table) because the zip on my shorts got stuck... and then fell off in my hand! Thankfully everyone was far too busy concentrating on the football to notice me trying to carry Alfie and hold my shorts up on the way out! After a tantrum, slight argument and sulk, we drove around and found a Tesco and Ash ran in and got me some new shorts... we were finally beach bound!

Well actually, we parked on the promenade and went for a walk first. As we hadn’t eaten in the pub, we went in search of lunch and made our way to another place I’d found on Google: The Lock & Barrel. I’m a lover of fish and seafood anyway, but it’s kinda mandatory when you’re by the sea – so had a plate of whitebait. Ash had a bacon cheeseburger and Alfie tried chips for the first time *eye roll*. I also finally got my glass of rosé – which was also nicer and sweeter than the previous.

Walking back towards the beach, we finally got Alfie on the sand! I’d packed a blanket and a towel and while he was happy sitting on the blanket, it wasn’t long before he crawled off – thankfully our stretch was empty. He was a little dubious at first, with it being unfamiliar; but it wasn’t long before he realised he could run his fingers through the sand and create patterns and then there was no stopping him! It was lovely to see Alfie having a good time and while we didn’t stay long as he soon tired (it had been a long day!), it was lovely. It was lovely seeing all the beach huts lined up, with different colours. It was lovely seeing people sat outside their huts, or people walking dogs, or new parents with babies in buggies. But most of all, it was lovely to spend some much-needed time together as a family of three.

Love, Lucy xx

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