Sunday Brunch at The Waffle House, St. Albans

I blogged about The Waffle House after our last visit but I needed to sing its praises again – not only because it’s so good, but because Alfie tried his first waffle!

We were going out for brunch to meet one of Ashley’s old housemates. However, there was a marathon, or some kind of event going on, and there were road closures – so she didn’t join us. Not to worry though, as we went ahead and ordered and had a lovely family brunch... it makes me super excited for meals out as a family when Alfie is older, as we often went out for food as a family of four when I was growing up.

It was our third visit to The Waffle House and every time, I order something different – because there is so much choice! One thing always remains the same though, it has to be a sweet waffle. I’m really not a fan of savoury crepes, so savoury waffles has never appealed – plus the options often sound too rich or heavy for me. The menu is always the same; however, there’s a specials board that regularly changes.

I stuck to the standard menu and ordered a Dutch Apple wholemeal waffle: warm apple, sultanas and mixed spice, and added a scoop of vanilla ice cream. There was so much of the topping, with apple pieces as well as puree. The ice cream added a nice contrast of hot against cold and made the overall dish less dry. I would probably go as far as saying it’s the best waffle I’ve had there!

Ashley chose from the specials board: a ham hock, cheese sauce and sautéed mushroom wholemeal waffle. I have to admit, it did look really tasty and he enjoyed it. I sampled some of the ham hock and it was delicious (but obviously didn’t go well with apple and ice cream) – well worth choosing that over the option on the standard menu, which used slices of thick cut ham.
With regards to the children’s menu, there wasn’t any information, so I asked out server to clarify – and she was most helpful. She explained that due to the machinery used, the waffles for children would be the same size as the standard portion; but there would be less topping. The children’s version would also receive a 30% discount against the prices listed on the menu – which was obviously pleasing to hear! Because the sweet waffles contain a lot of sugar and Alfie is still adjusting to life on solids, I ordered him a plain waffle and he had the choice of butter or maple syrup. I didn’t specify which I’d prefer, but it arrived with a mini portion of Lurpak. With maple syrup already on the table, it was good to see we were given the option. I put one dessert spoon of maple syrup on it to make it less dry and Ashley cut it up into bite size pieces. Alfie clearly enjoyed it – eating approximately two-thirds (and no doubt, throwing the rest on the floor). I wish I remembered our servers name, because she was so helpful and definitely deserves some recognition.

The Waffle House is always busy and you can’t book a table – so there’s a chance you may have to wait for a table. However, there’s some decent scenery not too far away, so it’s worth putting your name down and returning, if necessary. There’s indoor and outdoor seating; dogs are welcomed; and baby facilities are decent.

As always, the service and the waffles were good... the weather not so. I know we will be back, especially now Alfie enjoyed himself too!

Love, Lucy xx


  1. This may well have occurred on the same weekend (23/24 June) as the Alban Pilgrimage march through St Albans City Centre (St Peter's Street) to the Cathedral and Abbey Church of Saint Alban.

    1. We visited on the 10th. We managed to get through to the car park so wasn't a problem. It was more a case of the other person forgetting we had agreed to meet!


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