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A week of recipes as the poll was tied – and this is one that’s perfect for summer! I’ve sang the praises of gnocchi countless times on my blog and I’m sure if we didn’t have carbs most evenings, we’d easily eat this on a weekly basis! The pesto definitely makes this dish and although I’ve used shop-bought, you can use homemade. Could someone let me know how easy it is to make, because I would like to give it a go! This recipe serves three.

·         2 chicken breasts
·         A packet of gnocchi
·         12 cherry tomatoes, quartered
·         Tub of grilled artichoke hearts (I bought mine in Tesco – 140g)
·         Large handful of rocket
·         ½ jar of green pesto (or if you’re using homemade, roughly 100g)

·         Grill the chicken on a medium heat until cooked through. Shred and set aside for later
·         Cook the gnocchi according to the packet’s instructions and drain
·         Put the chicken, gnocchi, artichokes, tomatoes and rocket in the used saucepan. Add the pesto and mix thoroughly
·         Serve immediately – or leave to fully cool

Please let me know if you try this recipe – or any of my others. If you’re sharing on Instagram, use the hashtag #LucyLovesRecipe so I can take a look at your creations.

Love, Lucy xx

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