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Saturday 26 May 2018

I honestly don’t remember the last time I went out with the girls – I mean, I went out for Poppy’s 30th last April, but that was an all day thing (and I was three months pregnant – eek!) but other than that, I couldn’t tell you. But it was my neighbour/friend Vanessa’s birthday and she was organising a night out in MK – and I just had to be there!

I wasn’t the only one to never have been out in MK. Rebecca, my friend who lives opposite was in the same boat. As we both have kids, we were both looking forward to a (much-needed) night out... So much so, I started getting ready at 3pm. Other than the lack of fake tan, it was so nice having time to myself to get dolled up: lasering, curling my hair, painting my finger and toenails. But more importantly, it was even nicer to feel like Luce and not mummy!

We began the night at Vanessa’s with prosecco and snacks. A few people brought prosecco and I took over accessories (Pop A Ball are the best). There must have been seven of us and it was just so relaxing in the garden, everyone chatting away. Although it wasn’t long before we were in the minibus and heading to The Hub!

I’d never been there before, despite visiting the Centre plenty of times. It’s basically several bars and restaurants all in one place! One of the younger members of the party suggested a few bars to go to and we began the night at Banana Tree: an Indo-Chinese restaurant. We were there for cocktails, but I’d most definitely return for a meal – the food I saw (from being nosey) looked lush. There was a great atmosphere both in and outside and they had the most incredible swing hammock chairs! It was Happy Hour, which was a bonus – but whatever you ordered, you got the same drink free.

Next on our bar hop was Caribbean restaurant, Turtle Bay. Again, I hadn’t been there before and I’m not sure I’d return. It was a lot busier than Banana Tree at the bar and the service wasn’t the best... in fact, I got short-changed but it was Happy Hour, so the cocktails continued flowing!

Out final spot was Be At One – one of my favourite places to frequent on a night out. I’ve been to so many of the London locations and it’s one of the places Ash and I went to the first time we met up. I would have been more than happy to end the night there, as there are so many cocktails to make your way through – and the wine is reasonably priced. We were also able to still have a conversation, while also dancing. And the dancing continued at PopWorld...

I’ve never been much of a clubber – I know, shocking considering I am from the home of clubbing! I’m not sure what time we arrived, but I felt surrounded by people at least eight years younger than me (if not, more). I felt quite uncomfortable and anxious and it brought back memories of being at uni and having complete strangers mock me behind my back for dancing awkwardly. I suddenly didn’t feel like a mum, almost 30, but an 18-year-old again. I’m most definitely a wine/cocktail bar kinda girl. The music was good – proper 90s cheese that it was easy to dance to – but I’m sure I was the first to leave.

Needless to say, I felt awful the next day and now I’m a mum, I clearly can’t hack it. Anyone else feel me?!

Love, Lucy xx 

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