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I have Not On The High Street to thank for these little purchases. I have loved the website since forever and their Insta is amazing for gift idea inspiration. I think this particular post was an advert, as I can’t find it on the account now – but it was one of those ones where you swipe and swipe, before going through to shop. The first image was in fact for these Gift Republic bucket list posters and I was immediately sucked in. I ended up buying two posters (but honestly, could have bought more): 100 movies and 100 kids books.

I blogged before about my Luckies scratch map and this is a similar concept. Both posters contain 100 items (in this case, films and books) to scratch off once you’ve ‘completed’ them. Once scratched off, a beautiful illustration can be found.
I thought the book one would be perfect for Alfie, as he already loves a bedtime story and has quite a busy bookshelf in his bedroom. What I love most about this poster, is that the books range from baby to teenager/young adult, so will take a while to complete – but I know he will enjoy scratching them off as he goes and that it will be an achievement when complete. It kinda reminded me of those reading competitions you used to get in the library during the school holidays – and it was always good when you got the certificate to say you’d finished! I really wish I could take up reading again...
Ash and I quite often watch a film in the evening and since we’ve moved in, we’ve completed both the Rocky and James Bond franchises. My favourite genre of film will always be a chick flick or rom com, but I am branching out and this poster will certainly broaden my horizons. I’ve said we can only scratch out films we’ve seen together, so I think we are currently at about eight – which include Titanic and Snatch. There are a couple that Ash has seen that I haven’t (Pulp Fiction and In Bruges *edit* I have since seen them) and vice versa (Amelie and The Grand Budapest Hotel). But there are also a handful of films we’ve never even heard of: City of God and Baahubali, to name two. It will be interesting to work our way through this poster.

The posters are A2 in size and come rolled up in giant Toblerone-esque boxes. They don’t come framed, but I bought these ones from Amazon. Alfie’s poster is hanging nicely in his bedroom, next to his bookshelf; but I really don’t know where to stick our film poster – maybe in the dining room if we ever mount a TV on the wall?

You can view the range of posters, here. I think I’ll buy the 100 places one next!

What do you think to these scratch posters? Which would you get?

Love, Lucy xx

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