This Week For Dinner #3

Following the success of the last post, This Week for Dinner is back. It was never my intention to make this a weekly thing, but I definitely have more than enough food pics on my phone. Honestly, I’m the worst – if someone were to go through my camera roll, it’d be Alfie and dinners! In case you were wondering, tonight’s menu was leftover roast pork (we had a friend round on Sunday I cooked) with creamy greens; it’s one of our favourite Joe Wicks’ recipes! As always, these dinners are simple but tasty – win, win!
 Monday: Beef & Root Vegetable Casserole
Diced beef – shallots – carrot – celery – mushrooms
Tuesday: Garlic Chicken Gnocchi
Chicken breast – gnocchi – leek – kale
Wednesday: Firecracker Chicken Fried Rice
Chicken breast – brown rice – carrot – mange tout – baby sweetcorn
Thursday: Cod & Bacon Lentil Stew
Cod fillets – pancetta – lentils – pepper – tomatoes
Friday: King Prawn Stir-fry with Noodles
King prawns – wholewheat noodles – mange tout – baby sweetcorn – tenderstem broccoli

Like before, I will be running a poll on my Twitter to see which recipe you’d like me to post. So be sure to follow me, or comment below or on my Facebook (links below).

Love, Lucy xx

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