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When we first moved into our house, we always knew the first room to be decorated would be Alfie’s – not only because he was close to making the transition from moses basket to cot, but because it would take the most work and we wanted it to be perfect. I didn’t take any before photos, but three of the walls were one shade of blue (similar to how it is now), with the other, darker blue. The only thing we haven’t changed or replaced is the carpet... yes it’s a bit worn and still not totally clean, but at Alfie’s age, it’s only going to get messy.
 Wallpaper: Wayfair
Frieze: B&Q

The walls were the first job and Ash found the most perfect wallpaper for the feature wall – it’s fabulous and photos don’t do justice to its magnitude or how incredible it looks. It came in a roll of six strips, that needed to be cut down to the height of the room – but it fills the whole wall and is pretty spectacular. You just need to ask him how much of a pain it was to put up, but it’s well worth it and we both know Alfie will love it as he grows up... he’s also going to be so clever, knowing his continents and oceans, as well as all the animals! The frieze is also a great touch on the plain walls and add to the animal theme we have going on.
Before I go on all the furniture, I have to mention the super cute bunting which was kindly handmade by one of Ash’s clients. Kate is the girl behind Little Lemon Crafts, which specialise in decorations for the home and garden – and can be made for a range of occasions including new baby, Christmas, birthday, wedding or even just bunting for outside social events. The personalisation is great – we tied the bunting to Alfie’s cot and it just looks fab. It was such a thoughtful gift. You can find out more or contact Kate via Facebook or Instagram, she doesn’t have a website yet!
 Changing table: Ikea
Nappy holder: M&S (no longer available)
Shelf: Great Little Trading Company
Blind: Blinds2Go
Bookcase: Great Little Trading Company
Wardrobe & drawers with bench: Ikea

Most of the furniture came from Ikea and we had it all delivered, as it wouldn’t fit in either of our cars. When it came, there were 21 boxes! We always knew what kind of furniture we wanted and this should last as Alfie grows up. The changing table can become a play area or desk and the toy box doubles up as additional storage or a bench (once we have bought a cushion for the top). Again, Ash assembled everything and did a great job. The changing table is brilliant: sturdy and with plenty of storage. The drawers are a good size – perfect for storing bibs and muslins, as well as socks and bed sheets. Similarly, the wardrobe and drawer space is decent and we were able to decide where we position the rail. The bookcase is in an ideal position, in the corner of the room – and we often sit in that corner to read Alfie his bedtime story. I just know he will love that corner as he grows up.
Shelf: as above
Print: Amazon

One final thing I must quickly mention is the lovely keepsake print that Ash bought for Alfie’s first Christmas. Not only does it have the usual full name, date and time of birth and weight included, but also follows an ‘on the day you were born’ format to include the number one song, prime minister and other facts. It’s such a cute memento we can keep and cherish forever.

What do you think of Alfie’s room? And would you like to see more posts like this?

Love, Lucy xx

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