What Alfie got for Christmas 2017

As excited as I was about Alfie’s first Christmas, I was left with one huge dilemma – what do you buy a three-month old? It’s times like this I wish that gift guide blog posts weren’t so generic, or clearly sponsored; I needed inspo! Needless to say, I got there in the end and Alfie was very spoilt, so I wanted to share what he got, too. And who knows, it might help others in my predicament next Christmas.

Before I start, how cute is his personalised hessian sack? My mum bought it from the Handmade Christmas Co, because we’ve always had our own sacks/bags. It can be re-used year after year too. This wasn’t even bought as a present, but was so thoughtful, I just had to mention it.

I went practical, as like I said, I really struggled. Alfie has been teething for just over a month, so I bought the Tommee Tippee stage one (not pictured) and stage two teethers. They’re specially designed to target particular areas of the mouth as teeth come through, so are a lot handier than standard teethers or toys. With teething comes dribbling and Alfie seems happiest when he’s blowing bubbles, so I stocked up on dribble bibs – a collection of five superhero inspired ones. I also bought some clothes as I am quite particular about what shops they come from! The grey tracksuit is from Next and in 3-6 months (both pieces sold separately) and the all-in-one dungarees and long-sleeved vest is from Zara Baby (in 6-9 months). I actually wanted to buy 3-6 months, but the towel material is light, making it perfect for spring/summer.
His main present from my mum was the Fisher Price Rainforest Music & Lights deluxe gym. We were given a second hand jungle gym when were back in Essex and it was on its last legs, really and Alfie only ever lay on the mat section. Now the Christmas tree is down and we have our living room back, we have set up the mat to help his continued development. He seems very content so far, interacting with the animals.
My auntie bought the giraffe toy for the stroller, when we convert his buggy into a pushchair. I’m hoping it can also attach to the car seat when he’s forward facing to keep him amused on longer journeys (he usually falls asleep in the car, to be fair). I know Alfie will love this as he’s already grabbing things (usually the tops of jumpers and my hair or Ashley’s beard!) and he’s got the strongest grip.
He got plenty of clothes and books. I’ll mention the books, as he got one from our Friday mum and baby group and one from Father Christmas at Centre: MK. There were touchy-feely books, ones with sounds, a couple from Shirley Hughes’ ‘Alfie’ series and Sophie Le Giraffe board books. He also got a board book and building blocks from mum – and although he can’t build them yet, he watches intently as I build and read the stories.
Ashley’s granny and grandad bought the plastic tray with compartments, ready for when Alfie is on solids (March/April), as well as a couple of plastic spoons – perfect for weaning! My mum said she couldn’t help but buy the first cutlery set, although he is far too little for it at the moment, it’s something we can hold onto until he’s ready.
The final thing I have to share is this gorgeous personalised blanket from Rob. He even made the accessories (the ring and the pointer). I took this photo between Christmas and New Year but already can’t wait for Alfie’s next milestone – he’ll be four months on January 16th (my birthday!). I love the photos I took on it, as he looks so happy and has the most gorgeous smile. It was such a cute and thoughtful gift. Also not pictured, we got a baby and mumma manicure kit. Containing a battery-powered device and a selection of files and buffers, it files down the nails in a safe and easy way, without the need for scissors. Alfie doesn’t seem to mind it, either. I definitely recommend this item.
Love, Lucy xx

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