Birthday Brunch at The Waffle House, St. Albans

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My birthday celebrations began on the Sunday before – the 14th – with a trip to The Waffle House at St. Albans. I’d been there before, the first time I ever stayed over at Ash’s when he was in Dunstable; albeit we were very hung-over so couldn’t fully enjoy a large – and super sweet – brunch. I love waffles, so when I knew we were going back, I was so excited.

During the warmer months, the courtyard is open and is a really lovely area to sit in. Alas, it was a cold and miserable January afternoon, so it was inside for us. I say inside, it’s still a patio, but you are undercover and there are patio heaters to keep you warm.

The staff couldn’t have been more helpful and friendly, taking us to a table for four, so there was room for Alfie to join us in his car seat – a table for two-and-a-half as our server put it! This is first world mumma problems at the moment, as Alfie isn’t at high chair age so going out for food is always a mission.
Dining, Herts, Review, The Waffle House, Brunch, St Albans,
I immediately knew what I was going to have, having looked at the menu online earlier that day – a banoffee waffle. There’s the option of sweet and savoury waffles, but I’d always go for sweet. In terms of flour, there was also a choice: white, wholemeal or spelt. I went for spelt – I’m not even sure why, it just seems all the rage at the moment. Are there any health benefits? Last time, I went simple with banana and cinnamon sugar, but the banoffee topping was on a whole other level! Large chunks of fresh banana, smothered in homemade toffee sauce and finished off with chocolate shavings... I was in heaven and shortly after, a sugar coma.
Dining, Herts, Review, The Waffle House, Brunch, St Albans,
Ash had the banana flapjack wholemeal waffle, which also consisted of sliced banana and butterscotch sauce, but also topped with organic oat flapjack. He went all out, adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream to an already very sweet dish. I did try a bit and while it was really tasty, there’s no way even I could have managed a whole waffle; it was so rich! We accompanied our waffles with coffees: a flat white for me and an Americano for Ash.

The Waffle House is perfect for any time of day – there’s an additional breakfast menu which runs until midday and after that, there are soups and salads, as well as a specials board. Although of course, most go for the waffles! There are smaller portions available for children so when Alfie’s old enough (and he’s allowed chocolate, ha) we will definitely be taking him. The Waffle House is buggy-friendly with facilities for baby change and they even permit doggies, making it an all-round family affair!

I love The Waffle House, so if you’re ever in Herts, go and check it out – you won’t be disappointed!

Love, Lucy xx

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