Welcome to the world, Alfie

My blogging schedule has gone completely out of the window recently and I wasn’t expecting to write or share this post for another couple of weeks, but as you all probably know by now, I’ve had a little boy!

Our gorgeous Alfie Jeremy Jon Page was born four weeks early (I was 36+0) on Saturday 16th September at 2:35pm and weighed a healthy 6lb 6oz. It’s fair to say as soon as I laid eyes on him, no matter how exhausted I felt and rough I looked, I immediately fell in love – he is absolutely perfect.

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet, as I want to share my labour/birth story – I know how much bloggers and mums-to-be love these kinds of posts... I know I was reading as many as possible in the lead up to our little munchkin arriving, as they’re much more realistic than is portrayed on TV. I am also going to be sharing my baby shower with you – although, I guess we need to call it a ‘welcome to the world’ gathering!

We are still waiting on our move-in date for the new house, so are currently at mum’s, which is perfect as she’s on hand when I need her. Ashley is back at work, but spends most nights here. While it will be easier when we have moved, I know I’ll miss mum unbelievable amounts and Alfie loves his nanny a lot, too. We have had to swap bedrooms as I only have a single bed in mine and there’s certainly no room for the Moses basket, or Alfie’s extortionate amount of clothes (he has more than Ash and I combined!) but for the time being, we have settled nicely.

Apologies for being MIA over these last few months and for the ongoing baby spam, but I’m very much in a little love bubble and enjoying being a mumma so much!

Love, Lucy xx

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Love, Lucy xx

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