August Favourites

August, Favourites, BBloggers, LBloggers, FBloggers, Boohoo, Converse, Palmers, Clarins, Boots
August, Favourites, BBloggers, LBloggers, FBloggers, Boohoo, Converse, Palmers, Clarins, Boots
This month’s favourites were so much easier to pick, because there were so many new things I’d bought and instantly fallen in love with... a couple of which you may have already seen on here (or my Instagram)!

First up, these gingham trousers from Boohoo’s maternity range appeared in this recent OOTD post. I’ve never been one for patterns or prints, but that has definitely changed now. Gingham always reminds me of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and it’s super cute! Being stretchy material, not only do these offer plenty of support for my bump, but they’re so comfortable. Although I predominantly wear them to work, they’d equally be fine to wear at the weekend or even just around the house (although I wear leggings the majority of the time – again, so stretchy). Without a doubt, these are one of my favourite mat purchases.

For ages now I’ve needed new shoes; ones that offer comfort, ones that aren’t pumps or sandals and ones that are practical. And for ages Ash has been telling me to get a pair of converse. I got a pair in time for our Ireland road trip and boy, am I glad that I did – especially with all the walking we did (well as much as I could manage). Office have recently had loads of limited edition styles on their website, but I bought mine in-store, as I wasn’t sure what size I’d need. They do come out quite big, so I got a 6.5. But blush pink and rose gold, can you get any more goals than that?! I honestly love them and can’t believe I didn’t buy a pair sooner!

Another product you may have already seen is the Palmer’s Tummy Butter (read more: Surviving Pregnancy with Palmer’s). This is my favourite product from the Palmer’s range that has helped me during my second and third trimesters. I love the oily, balmy formula which is easy to apply, rub in and use to massage. I use this every night without fail and love how soft it leaves my bump, too. However, when we were in Ireland, I couldn’t be bothered to pack all of my skin/bump care products and opted for this Boots Maternity Stretch Mark Oil Spray. Not only was it lighter and easier to pack, but it could be used on all my problem areas. I used this every day, on my stretch marks, on my bump and it even doubles up as a massage oil (I was giving them, as well as receiving!) – and a great substitute to baby oil. Although I’m home again now and back to my Palmer’s routine, I’m sure I’ll still use this product when travelling.

And finally, I am obsessed with the Clarins Energizing Emulsion, which is perfect for tired and itchy legs. I have always suffered with quite dry skin on my legs, which becomes itchy and easily irritable. During pregnancy, it’s recommended you don’t scratch so I’m glad I purchased this lotion – I used to scratch until my legs were red, bumpy and almost bleeding. The lotion is light and cooling and because it contains natural ingredients such as chamomile, arnica, witch hazel and mint, it’s so invigorating. I apply this before going to bed, when my legs are at their most tired and itchy and it definitely makes a difference. It may be pricy, but it’s so worth it!

What were your August favourites?

Love, Lucy xx 

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  1. How cute are those converse? Definitely getting a pair! X


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