Living with PCOS: part four

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It’s been a while since I wrote a health post and I really wasn’t sure whether or not to post this. It’s quite personal, but I honestly think it could help someone else – which would be great, as I don’t know anyone in the same position so have had nobody to talk to.

Although I was completely discharged by my gyno when I was no longer on tablets, over five years ago now, my symptoms are still evident – I do definitely have more good days, than bad. The worst of the symptoms seem to be behind me now and it’s been well over a year since the sharp abdominal pains that would keep me up at night, have struck. This has been a massive positive. I think my lifestyle choices have definitely had an impact and when I was going to the gym, despite complaining about it, I felt so good afterwards!

Going back to when I was first diagnosed, I remember being told quite suddenly that I would never be able to have children naturally. At the age of 17, I guess this didn’t completely bother me, as I was young. After being on tablets for the best part of three years, I was told before being discharged that my chances had increased, but to 15% at best. Again, the thought was never in my mind – although I had prepared myself for the worst... and my mum also thought she would never have grandchildren.

So here is the good news... I’m growing a little human inside me. Without any help, considering my condition and while being on the pill, it’s a big thing and basically a miracle. Okay, I’m terrified but at the same time, so excited. I never thought it would happen and it’s happened so easily.
Health, Life, PCOS, Personal, Pregnancy,
Obviously with my condition, the hardest part is falling pregnant; but there are so many complications that can happen on the way, which I was aware of. But I’m pleased to say everything is okay. My health is not at risk at all and the progress of bubba’s growth has been good.

I’ve always wondered how women fall pregnant without knowing – but now I know! Having been told it would basically never happen, I didn’t suspect a thing. I never had any symptoms in the early stages, particularly the sickness; like I said, I was on the pill (albeit, not taking it properly... quite common, apparently!) and since the date of conception, I’d had three periods. I explained this to my GP, my midwife and the antenatal team. I got suspicious when I kept getting muscle spasms and one of the girls at work (who’s also pregnant) recommended I take a test and go to the GP – it was apparently one of the early signs she had. Four tests and an appointment later, it was all confirmed. My tiredness levels are dwindling dramatically, too... obviously in readiness for the inevitable sleepless nights! And in the last month, I have ballooned – despite losing weight in the first trimester and not actually putting much weight on at all.

At most of my appointments, they’re not aware of my condition and I did actually have to fully explain the history at one for my folder – annoying because it should all be on my record and it would answer the “why were you a late booker?” question I get every time I attend any kind of appointment. Surely a later booker is better than not booking at all?!

I guess what I want to say is, don’t always believe what the doctors tell you; some things are just meant to be.

Love, Lucy xx


  1. I know how difficult this must have been to post but I am so so happy for you and Ash and I cannot wait to meet your beautiful little baby xx

    1. Awh thank you - didn't know what response I'd get and wasn't sure if it should have been shared. I'm so excited for your birthday and the 30th and can't wait for you to meet him too! Xx


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