Stone Roses @ Wembley (17.06.17)

It seems so long ago now that we went to see Stone Roses at Wembley – well it was nearly a month and a lot has happened since then – but what an afternoon/evening it was! The weather was absolutely lush all day and into the night. We made our way to North West London early on and the atmosphere everywhere was buzzing beforehand. All the pubs had their beer gardens open and there were even tents set up at the local Premier Inn. Given all the recent events, no-one was perturbed and I have to say that the security everywhere was excellent. I won’t lie, I did feel a little anxious in the weeks leading up to it, but I had no reason to be.

Ashley bought the tickets back in October and I still can’t believe he bought them for me – I honestly thought they had sold out, but he knew that I was desperate to go, having missed out the last time. After months of anticipation and excitement, it certainly lived up to my expectations!

We had seated tickets on level five – which were perfectly fine – and while everyone stayed seated for the support acts, you couldn’t help but get on your feet when the Roses arrived to the stage. The views were still decent and the acoustics, really good.
There were three support acts before the main show. We missed the first of these – the G-O-D – but arrived in time for the Sleaford Mods: a duo whose musical style I genuinely couldn’t describe, but it definitely wasn’t my cup of tea. Blossoms are one of my favourite bands of the moment and they followed. Looking around at the people around us, it was clear, they’d only come for Ian Brown and Co – I think I was the only one enjoying the last of the support – singing along to every song... the album’s been on in my car loads lately! I would definitely go and see them again.

And to the Roses set...

1.    I Wanna Be Adored
2.    Elephant Stone
3.    Sally Cinnamon
4.    Mersey Paradise
5.    (Song for My) Sugar Spun Sister
6.    Where Angels Play
7.    Shoot You Down
8.    Waterfall
9.    Don't Stop
10.  Begging You
11.  Elizabeth My Dear
12.  Fools Gold
13.  All for One
14.  Love Spreads
15.  Made of Stone
16.  She Bangs the Drums
17.  Breaking into Heaven
18.  This Is the One
19.  I Am the Resurrection 
I was so pleased that the set opened with I Wanna Be Adored, as it’s my all-time favourite – but I did have a sneaky feeling it would feature first. It was such a good set, ending with some of the more popular tunes and I heard everything I was expecting. We had a really good afternoon/evening and although leaving the stadium and getting home was long, the jovial atmosphere continued long into the night – and I definitely won’t be forgetting it in a hurry.

Love, Lucy xx 

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