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If youve not heard of Degustabox, then where have you been? Its a food & drink monthly subscription box bringing you 10-15 surprise products, many of which are new to the market. When you sign up, you get to fill in your very own profile, meaning a couple of the products may differ. Its actually the highlight of my week when this little beauty arrives on my doorstep so (much later than planned) what was in May’s box (themed a picnic box)?

·         A can of Zeo soft drink
·         A bottle of Crabbie’s original alcoholic ginger beer
·         A bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk peanut caramel crisp
·         A packet of MOMA gluten-free raspberry & coconut bircher
·         Two packets of chocolate Millions
·         A packet of sour Millions
·         A pouch of CerealLovers crunch time nuggets
·         A packet of Deli Kitchen skinny wraps
·         A tub of Homepride strong white bread flour
·         A packet of Hippeas
·         A packet of Portlebay popcorn
·         A packet of Candy Kittens sweets
Degustabox, Drink, Food, Subscription,
This month’s box was themed the picnic box and there were so many items perfect for picnicking, as well as other snacks and treats. Starting with the drinks, as usual, and I loved the carbonated cranberry & raspberry drink from Zeo – it was incredibly refreshing and kept me hydrated on a hot day. I still haven’t tried the Crabbie’s alcoholic ginger beer – but growing up, I never liked it. It was one of my dad’s favourite drinks – and would be perfect for a barbecue, picnic, or afternoon in the garden... the weather just needs to brighten up!
Degustabox, Drink, Food, Subscription,
If like me, you have a sweet tooth, you were in luck this month – with two products from Millions: sour strawberry (far too sour for me, think Toxic Waste x 10) and chocolate coated (still not sure how I feel about these, although I ate both packets on consecutive days, without sharing). There was also a bag of Candy Kittens sweets – I had the sour watermelon flavour which were truly divine and gave me all the summer feels – I’d definitely buy again. And there was also a large share-size of Cadbury Dairy Milk peanut caramel crunch, which is still sat in the fridge because I’m trying hard to have some will power... but I won’t be sharing it.
Degustabox, Drink, Food, Subscription,
In terms of the snacks, I’ve tried Portlebay Popcorn before, but always prefer sweet corns over savoury – so not sure how I feel about this wasabi & sweet ginger flavour. I don’t even think I’m brave enough to try it. However, I loved the chickpea-based puffed snack from Hippeas and the herb flavour was a lot tastier than some of the other flavours I’d previously tried. They’re a great alternative to crisps – so light, it’s like eating air!
Degustabox, Drink, Food, Subscription,
I absolutely love granola and bircher muesli so was pleased with the two additions in this month’s box. The MOMA raspberry & coconut bircher muesli was lush soaked in yogurt (plain or fruit) with berries (strawberries, blueberries or raspberries) and kept me full until lunchtime. The combination of flavours just worked so well. I’m yet to try the CerealLovers crunch time nuggets, but they’d make a great snack on their own, or as a yogurt topper.
Degustabox, Drink, Food, Subscription,
And finally, I was looking forward to trying the NEW fresh product – which totally didn’t disappoint. It was recommended to eat this within three days of receiving the box, but thankfully it could be frozen. The Skinni wraps were perfect for lunch and at 90 calories each, I had two a day filled with chicken salad. I would be inclined to buy these again, although they were quite thin and I prefer the traditional style-wraps. As I don’t eat white carbohydrates generally, I gave my mum the Home Pride strong white bread flour – and as we have a bread machine, I’m sure she’ll put it to good use.

Try your first box, with a £7 discount. Either follow this link. Or go to the website and enter my special reference code: LUCYW-2B19. Enjoy!

What were your thoughts on May’s box?

Love, Lucy xx

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