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Happy Birthday Rob – Teatro Politeama, Palermo – Cattedrale di Palermo – Absidi at the Duomo di Monreale – All of the carbs on the final night in Palermo – Third time lucky admiring the views – Another shot of beautiful Monreale – What’s in my hand luggage? – Throwback Thursday: Skinny like this again, please – Roses ready selfie – Blossoms & Stone Roses at Wembley with Ashley – Happy Father’s Day

Firstly, apologies for the lack of social interaction lately. This round-up seems so long ago now, but there’s not too much of note to cover. I’ve not really had much Insta Inspiration, as I’ve not done much – but I would like this to change.

June 2nd was my brother’s birthday – we didn’t do anything as he doesn’t tend to celebrate birthdays. This was good as it was the day that Ashley and I flew to Palermo for four nights. A break from work for both of us was definitely needed and we had such a good time. You can find out what we got up to day-by-day in my post: City Hopping | Palermo. We did plenty of walking and sightseeing, as well as eating and drinking (read more: dining). And you can also see what was in my hand luggage.

After a weekend in Dunstable, which consisted of a wedding reception on the Friday night, a garden party on the Saturday and then a journey into London on the Sunday to catch up with friends over a Wagamamas and walk around Hyde Park, the following weekend was the one I was looking most forward to!

Ashley bought us tickets for the Stone Roses back in October and because he’s not good with surprises, he told me straight away... so you can imagine how excitable I was for the best part of nine months! It was such a good afternoon and evening – and I will eventually be blogging about it. Again, apologies – I have lots of content and not enough time. The weather that day was lush and we made it to the stadium and our seats in time for the second support act. I still can’t believe he bought me tickets, as he knew I wasn’t able to get tickets last time – and I realise I have LOTS of making up to do!

What have you been up to lately?

Love, Lucy xx

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  1. Ooh I now need to go and read ALL the Palermo posts because the pics look amazing! Can't wait to hear all about Stone Roses - still so jealous! X


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